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Classroom Partitions

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Classroom Partitions

Classroom dividers are a practical and effective room dividing solution for education and can be used for a variety of functions. Create individual student workspaces; segment off different areas for play or reading; protect staff and students from the spread of infectious illness or employ mobile panels to display student artwork which can be moved around to where you need them most. We sell classroom dividers and partitions in a range of sizes and styles to suit any education environment. 

Room Dividers For Schools

The most common style of classroom divider, our standard fabric partitions are lightweight, affordable and easy to use. A practical choice for a classroom, they can also double up as pinboards to display student work or teaching materials. All of our fabric panel screens are upholstered in fire-rated fabric certified to the highest safety standards making them well suited for educational establishments. Choose from desk-mounted, freestanding and mobile screens.

Classrooms can be noisy places! Acoustic classroom partitions are designed to help minimise distractions by reducing the ability of sound to echo around the room. Constructed specifically to absorb sound reflections, they help to create an effective, productive learning environment for both students and teachers. Acoustic panels are ideal for school halls and dining rooms where there are vast amounts of open, empty space most commonly with hard surfaces. 

School desk dividers are a practical choice for schools as they can be set up on all kinds of school desks, classroom tables and other work surfaces. Whether you use them for privacy, for social distancing or to create peaceful learning environments for students, our classroom table screens are an affordable way to introduce partitions to your classroom. Choose between fixed desktop divider or freestanding desk screens.

Perspex® classroom dividers have become more popular since the start of the pandemic. Transparent panels made from Perspex® acrylic or glass have been employed in schools across the country to form easily sanitisable barriers between staff and students, and between pupils. Available in freestanding, mobile, desk divider, roller banner and hanging styles, these are incredibly useful pieces of classroom furniture to help keep staff and students safe during periods of increased transmissibility. We also sell opaque screens finished in a layer of antimicrobial vinyl as an alternative to transparent social distancing partitions.

For more information about our Classroom Dividers please Contact Us or call us on 01733 511121.


A classroom divider is a freestanding floor screen or desk divider that can be used for a variety of different reasons, from offering acoustic soundproofing to private workspaces, from dividing up larger rooms or halls into smaller areas to offering social distancing protection. 

In addition to the classroom, dining halls, staff rooms, receptions areas, common rooms can all benefit from room dividers. They can help to make large rooms feel less intimidating, sound less echoey and provide a cozy and useable feel. 

School and classroom partitions are available in many different sizes and styles with different surface options including fabric covered panels, acoustic screens, Perspex and safety glass protection screen, or a medical-grade, anti-microbial vinyl finish. 

Partitions can be used in a classroom in a variety of different ways. Firstly, examine your reason behind installing screens and dividers.

Standard fabric screens can be helpful tools in a classroom as they serve more than one purpose. Firstly, you can use them to divide up larger spaces into smaller areas for work or play. For example, large school halls can be segmented into smaller functional spaces through the use of linked screens. Secondly, our fabric screens can also serve as display boards, so you can attach student work or school information to them, too.

Acoustic screens and dividers are designed to reduce echoing. As classrooms can be quite noisy places, installing a few acoustic partitions can help to mute this noise, preventing sound from bouncing off the walls. By introducing acoustic partitions to your classroom, you can create a more peaceful and productive learning environment.

If you are using screens for social distancing purposes in a classroom, then you need to think about how you can position them for the best effect.

Typically, although screens providing a barrier between teachers and students can be helpful, there are no official recommendations for the installation of social distancing sneeze screens between individual students. Instead, guidance recommended dividing up larger classes of students into smaller groups. To assist with this, you can use linked or connected freestanding screens to section of different areas for the individual smaller groups for play or learning.

Desk dividers can be useful on large table banks if you need to offer a barrier - you can install a line of transparent barriers down the middle of a long table so students working opposite each other are afforded some protection.

For more advice on how to partition a classroom, speak to our team on 01733 511121.

Freestanding classroom partitions can be used almost anywhere you need them. They are designed so they can be used as standalone panels, or you can link several room dividers together inline or in concertina configuration to create partition walls, which can be helpful for dividing up larger spaces such as canteens or school halls into smaller ‘zones’.

You can use freestanding partitions next to or between desks, as display boards, to direct traffic flow in corridors or to create private workspaces.

They can be used in school halls, staff rooms, reception areas, classrooms, libraries, canteen, dining rooms, common rooms, study rooms and school offices. 

Classroom dividers work in a variety of different ways. They allow you to effectively partition off different learning spaces to create zones for reading, relaxation, safe spaces, reading corners or nook and much more. 

Most of our room dividers for schools are linkable allowing you to connect multiple screens together for large room dividers. 

Acoustic classroom partitions work to assist in soundproofing a space by reducing echoing to create a more productive learning environment.

Transparent Perspex or toughened safety glass screens are primarily used for social distancing purposes, to block the spread of potentially infectious respiratory particles and help to prevent outbreaks in schools. Classroom dividers are available in freestanding, mobile and desk mounted dividers.

Our classroom dividers are made from a wide range of materials. We use high quality materials such as aluminium for the sturdy frames and feet, and finish mobile screens with additional lockable castor wheels. We sell standard fabric-covered panels with a central board panel finished with a layer of fire-rated fabric in a choice of colous. Our acoustic partitions have a similar construction, but with a layer of insulating soundproofing acoustic foam between the central board panel and the fabric layer. 

Our social distancing dividers are typically made from Perspex, safety glass or acetate; all materials which are easy to keep clean and sanitised, perfect for products often used as social distancing screens. We also have opaque ‘sneeze screen’ options with white acrylic and antimicrobial vinyl finishes available.

Acoustic panels are manufactured with a layer of acoustic foam between the central board construct and the final fabric layer. This absorbent foam helps to prevent sound waves from bouncing back into the room to echo around, thereby minimising the noise in the room by muting the echoes. Their efficacy is measured using a Nose Reduction Coefficient (NRC) number between 0 and 1, where 0 is completely ineffective and 1 would remove all traces of sound.

Social distancing screens have become part of our daily lives in many different social situations, including shops, salons and workplaces. Schools have a slightly different set of rules when it comes to Covid measures, however, social distancing screens and dividers can still be extremely effective measures in combating the spread of infectious illnesses. Using transparent dividers in front of teachers’ desks can help to keep your staff safe; while using partitions to divide up classrooms into smaller spaces for different student groups can help to slow infection rates within a year group. Whilst most schools are working with bubbles this means there may be restrictions on staff mixing, therefore Perspex screens on staffrooms could be helpful in preventing mixing of year group bubbles. 

We can offer bespoke sizes for almost all of our classroom screens, school room dividers and classroom partitions. Most of our office screens are designed and manufactured in the UK which allows us greater influence over the quality, price and available options. If you need something a little more bespoke than our standard panel screens please reach out to our team on 01733 511121 to discuss your exact requirements. We can design and build bespoke screens to suit your space and functionality needs. 

The speed of delivery for classroom screens depends on the kind of school office screen you choose. The majority of our classroom dividers are manufactured to order and dispatched within 10-14 working days.

Our ACHOO® screens are available for delivery in 7 days, subject to availability.

We fo offer a range of Classroom Dividers that are in stock for dispatch in 24h, please check the individual product pages for more accurate delivery times. 

School halls are often large, cavernous spaces with minimal soft furnishings, meaning they can be noisy and echoing places. Installing a series of acoustic school room dividers and wall panels can help to minimise the sound reverberation, muting sound in the school hall and thereby reducing the overall noise. For acoustic panels on the wall, we recommend 15-20% coverage for soundproofing appropriate for school environments. You can accentuate the effect by also using freestanding acoustic screens in the hall to increase the efficacy of your acoustic installations.

We sell a number of different desk dividers suitable for use in classrooms desks and school tables.

Our standard desk-mounted screens are supplied with clamps that fix them directly to the tabletop. The clamps fit desktops measuring 17-33mm thick and are compatible with most traditional desks. They are easy to install and remain in place once they have been installed. 

We also offer freestanding desk dividers that simply sit on top of the tabletops. These demountable and moveable screens can be picked up and repositioned in another location depending on where it is needed. They are complete with stabilising feet that keep them stable when in use. 

Alternatively, you can speak to our team on 01733 511121 to discuss your exact requirements and we will help you to source the perfect classroom school desk divider.

Classroom screens are easy to maintain but the cleaning process will depend on the kind of screen you have purchased. Fabric-covered screens, including acoustic screens, can be vacuumed to remove dust traces, and you can also use specialised fabric odour sprays to freshen them up. For disinfection purposes, we recommend purchasing a fabric-friendly sanitiser spray. Perspex, glass and acetate screens are much easier to keep clean and disinfected. Simply clean them using antibacterial wipes, or with a diluted bleach solution.

Our Classroom Dividers and Partitions are supplied with a 1, 2 or 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects. 

If you need any further information regarding our classroom divider range, please contact us or call: 01733 511121