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Classroom Tray Storage

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School Tray Storage

Within our school storage furniture collections, we sell classroom tray storage. School trays are ideal classroom storage as they are incredibly versatile and can be used to store children's belongings such as book bags, work and homework as well as teaching materials and books. Primary school trays may also be used to store things like toys and art supplies. 

Keeping classrooms tidy is important whether you’re in a nursery, primary, secondary or even university environment. Our wide range of classroom tray storage offers a solution to keep all educational environments tidy; whether you’re looking for a simple storage unit with shallow trays, a Kinderbox with built-in tray storage or a large unit with lockable doors – our school storage selection caters for all needs.

Typically, shallow school trays are a common sight in classrooms as they can be used to allocate students individual drawers where they can store exercise books, homework, textbooks, pens and pencils and other personal items. They are also useful as classroom book trays; to store teaching materials in different categories or divided by lessons. We sell shallow tray storage units from 6 to 64 trays, ideal for small or large classes. 

Alternatively, jumbo school trays offer practical and flexible storage options, particularly for primary school or nursery environments. They are a great way to tidy away toys and other school supplies, as well as providing spaces for children to store rucksacks or personal belongings. Jumbo tray storage can also be helpful in secondary schools for subjects such as sciences or art, to store teaching materials or apparatus.

The majority of our school tray storage units are mounted onto lockable castor wheels which allow you to easily move the units between locations. Most of our classroom tray storage units come complete with trays in four sizes; these are available in four sizes and into 17 vibrant colours, so you can match them with your classroom decor.

We provide an immediate 30-day credit account to all public sector organisations, including schools, colleges, universities, the NHS, local authorities and Government departments.

Delivery of our Classroom Storage is free to most mainland UK addresses. Please check our delivery page for postcode exceptions where a delivery cost may be charged.

For more information on our Classroom Tray Storage please contact us or call us on 01733 511121. Alternatively, you can view our complete range of Classroom Storage.


Classroom tray storage units can be used to keep all educational environments tidy; but they are particularly effective in classrooms. School tray storage units can be used to store a wide variety of things, including pens, books, art supplies, teaching aids and more. Shallow school trays are more often used to store children's belongings such as books, work and homework. Jumbo trays are ideal for storing larger items such as educational toys and other school supplies, as well as personal items such as rucksacks.

For storing books, textbooks, exercise books and papers, shallow trays are absolutely the best choice for a classroom. They are ideal for offering each student a private space to store their books, papers, pencils and other learning materials. We supply shallow tray storage units that can hold upto 64 shallow trays in one unit making them the most effective and compact storage unit available, and ideal for classrooms both big and small. 

Yes, we sell shallow tray classroom storage in a variety of styles and colours, from 6 shallow trays up to 64 shallow classroom trays. You can choose from a range of wood finishes and styles to suit your classroom decor. 

Yes, all of our classroom tray storage units are supplied with Monarch school trays included. You can mix and match tray sizes within the storage unit to create a mix of storage solutions. If you're not sure what you need, give our team a call on 01733 511121, they can help you create a custom storage unit.

All public sector organisations, including schools, colleges, universities, NHS, local authorities and Government departments, are eligible for an immediate 30 day credit account. If you are from one of these organisations and wish to place an order on account, please provide an official purchase order on headed paper with details of the products you require. You can send your purchase order to us by:

  • Uploading directly to our PO portal
  • Emailing it to: [email protected]
  • Faxing it to: 01733 511122
  • Posting to: Early Learning Furniture, 38-39 Manasty Road, Orton Southgate, Peterborough, PE2 6UP

Please note, payments on account are strictly due within 30 days of the invoice date and we reserve the right to levy interest charges on overdue accounts. For more information, speak to our team on 01733 511121.

The majority of our classroom tray storage is manufactured to order and delivered in 10-15 days. Please check individual pages for details specific to each product. If you need then sooner, please call our team on 01733 511121.