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The Benefits of Pre-School Education

Jan 15 2018

Most children get the chance to experience nursery or pre-school before making that big step into big school.

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How Play Can Benefit Learning

Jan 08 2018

We all know that play is fun but when children are playing they are also learning all sorts of skills, and carrying out other tasks, which will set them up for life.

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2017 - A Successful Fundraising Year for Early Learning Furniture

Dec 18 2017

We are proud and pleased to announce that during 2017 we have raised £4781 for various charities and donated over 1209 food items to the local Food Bank. 

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Encouraging Healthy Eating For Children

Dec 11 2017

A healthy and balanced diet is beneficial to everyone, however it is even more important for children for many reasons. For example it helps to improve their concentration, learning and behaviour whilst at school. It also promotes proper physical growth and development, and encourages resistance to infection.

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What can Children Learn Through Cooking?

Dec 04 2017

The thought of unleashing young children into the kitchen may fill you with dread but they can learn so much from cooking and baking simple meals

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Benefits of Technology in Early Education

Nov 27 2017

Children can benefit greatly from access to the internet, educational games and educational apps on tablets.

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Children In Need Fundraising Fun at ELF

Nov 20 2017

On Friday 17th November staff at Early Learning Furniture in Orton Southgate took part in a Where’s Wally themed fundraising day to raise money for Children in Need.

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Packed Lunches or School Dinners?

Nov 13 2017

Your child might like the idea of a packed lunch, most do, but which lunchtime choice is best for your little one? 

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Learning with Music

Nov 06 2017

Songs, rhymes and musical instruments are a great way to help children progress their language and communication skills. It’s never too late or too early to start introducing music into your child’s lifestyle.

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Benefits of Sport for Kids

Oct 30 2017

There are so many benefits for young children who participate in sport – both physically and emotionally – here are just a few reasons for kids to get sporty

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