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How to Revamp Your School Noticeboards

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Early Learning Furniture


13 May 2019

Noticeboards and classroom displays are an important part of any learning environment. Not only do they add dimension to an otherwise neutral space, but they are an easy way to get pupils to soak up information and retain it in the long-term.

Here’s how you can revamp your dull noticeboards and transform them into something fresh and new:


Create a Colourful Noticeboard

Our range of classroom noticeboards are a good solution because they all come in a variety of coloured felt backgrounds.

If you add a card trim to the edge of the noticeboard in a colour that contrasts against the felt, your display board will instantly stand out and grab attention.

Use of Text

Keep Text to a Minimum

It’s a good idea to keep text to a minimum. If you can say what you need to say in 10 words, then do.

In addition, make the text large and use clear fonts so that the display can be read from across the room.

Incorporating Images

Use Lots of Colour

Children have shorter attention spans than adults and so they need something interesting and fun to look at if they’re ever going to pay attention.

A good idea is to use images as a focal point and explain the images through little snippets of text that are dotted around the noticeboard.

Spotting Trends

Use Lots of Pictures

Take note of things that are trending in children’s entertainment and try to work them into your display boards.

If children spot something that they like, they will be instantly engaged.

Keep it Fresh

Refresh Your Noticeboard As Often As Possible

Where possible, try to mix up your noticeboard in line with each new topic you cover. Change the trim colour, update the images and mix up the layout of the board to keep your classroom displays looking new and fresh.

Choosing the Right Noticeboard

We supply a comprehensive range of school noticeboards and information display boards for use in all types of public buildings.

The Flameshield Aluminium Framed Noticeboard is perfect for use in schools and other public areas. The fire-rated fabric meets the highest safety standards and the simple design means this basic noticeboard is a blank canvas for an eye-catching display.

If you want to align several noticeboards together to create a large format classroom display, the Decorative Unframed Noticeboard is a great choice. Like the Flameshield range, the decorative unframed noticeboard comes in a choice of sizes and styles and includes fire-rated felt. You can mount the board landscape or portrait and is suitable for use with staples and pins.

For noticeboards in areas with a higher footfall and less regulation – such as school corridors and public waiting areas – we provide various tamperproof display boards that will keep your notices safe from unauthorised access and vandalism. Our bestselling option is the Flameshield Tamperproof Noticeboard. This fire-rated display solution comes complete with locking doors and in a range of sizes of colours to suit any location.

If the three wall-mounted classroom noticeboards above aren’t quite what you’re looking for, why not try our Mobile Pinboard Display Screen? The sleek aluminium frame wraps around the fire-rated felt for a professional look. You can select from four bright fabric colours and a range of sizes.

The board is mounted onto locking castor wheels which gives you the freedom to move and transport the noticeboard between locations easily. This is a popular solution for classrooms, training rooms, staff rooms and smaller areas.

If you would like any more information on our range of school noticeboards or to find out what else we can offer you, please Contact Us or call a member of our sales team on 01733 511121.



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