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School Chairs

When choosing classroom chairs for nurseries, schools, colleges, universities and other educational establishments, it’s important to consider not only style and shape but also design, durability, comfort, safety and most importantly - size.

Classroom seating must be tailored to the needs of the students, and this means choosing school seating of a specific height per age group. All of our school stools and chairs are fully compliant to BSEN 1729 and are available in a range of heights, from nursery height to adult height. 

Within our range of school seating are classroom stools, stackable classroom chairs and wheeled chairs in a variety of sizes, styles and colours. Our school chairs are all UK made and feature high-quality materials such as robust steel frames and ergonomic lumbar support seats with anti-tilt designs - perfect for helping children maintain a comfortable posture during the school day.

We offer a range of skid-base classroom stools which are perfect for non-carpeted floors as they easily move without scratching the surface. In addition to our plastic and metal seating, we also stock smooth lacquered lightweight wooden stacking chairs. 

Several of our stacking school chairs designs are held in stock for fast dispatch within 7-10 days, including our bestselling ST and NP ranges. The specially moulded plastic seats have been designed to support growing children, and are available in a range of colours and sizes. The packs of 10 chairs or stools can be stacked together, making them ideal for school classrooms where space is at a premium. 

Every one of our classroom chairs can be easily wiped down to maintain a hygienic school environment, and they all come complete with manufacturer guarantees.

Delivery of our Classroom Furniture is free to most mainland UK addresses. Please check our delivery page for postcode exceptions where a delivery cost may be charged. Please note: we can also provide an immediate 30-day credit account to all public sector organisations, including schools, colleges, universities, the NHS, local authorities and Government departments.

For more information on our Classroom Chairs, please contact us or call us on 01733 511121. Alternatively, view our full range of Education Furniture


All of our classroom chairs come with a 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Our classroom chairs and stools are typically made with strong painted steel frames with moulded plastic seats for comfort and durability. We also sell wooden classroom chairs made from high-quality beech plywood finished with a clear lacquer for a smooth, safe finish.

Our ST and NP classroom chairs are held in stock for fast dispatch within 7-10 days. Other classroom chair styles range from 10 days to up to 4 weeks for delivery - please check individual product pages for delivery estimates. Delivery of our classroom chairs is free to most mainland UK addresses. Please check our delivery page for postcode exceptions where a delivery cost may be charged.

All public sector organisations, including schools, colleges, universities, NHS, local authorities and Government departments, are eligible for an immediate 30 day credit account. If you are from one of these organisations and wish to place an order on account, please provide an official purchase order on headed paper with details of the products you require. You can send your purchase order to us by:

  • Uploading directly to our PO portal
  • Emailing it to: [email protected]
  • Faxing it to: 01733 511122
  • Posting to: Early Learning Furniture, 38-39 Manasty Road, Orton Southgate, Peterborough, PE2 6UP

Please note, payments on account are strictly due within 30 days of the invoice date and we reserve the right to levy interest charges on overdue accounts. For more information, speak to our team on 01733 511121.

The height of your classroom chairs should be determined by the age/height of the students it will be used for. A good guide is to remember that ideally, children should be able to touch the floor with their feet while sitting back comfortably in a chair. Senior schools typically use adult-size chairs (seat height 460mm), but junior schools and nurseries will often stock a range of chairs with different seat heights. We sell classroom chairs with seat heights from 260mm up to adult size.

There are  a few different factors to consider when choosing a chair for your classroom

  • Size - take into consideration the age and average height of the students in your class, and choose chairs accordingly. As a guide, children should be able to place their feet on the floor when sitting back against the backrest of the chair.
  • Style - From stackable chairs to swivel chairs to stool chairs, there are a variety of different styles to choose from. Think carefully about which will work best for your students. Younger children, for example, would benefit from the stability and safety of a chair with a back support. You also might prefer not to introduce a swivel chair into a classroom of younger or easily distractible students!
  • Design - if you want to create a coordinated look for your classroom, choose a chair design that matches with your other classroom furniture. This might be in colour or material.

See our blog Choosing The Right Classroom Table & Chair Height for more information.

There are several different styles of classroom arrangement - choosing the right one for your students may involve some trial and error to see which is most effective.

  • Standard Front Facing - this is the most common classroom layout, particularly for older students. Desks and chairs are set out in horizontal rows facing the teacher’s desk at the front of the room.
  • Standard Central Facing - school desks and chairs are set up on either side of the classroom facing into the middle of the room where the teacher stands
  • U-Shaped - desks and chairs are set up in a u-shaped formation with the teacher’s desk at the front of the classroom
  • Surround - desks and chairs are set up in a circular or square design facing into the centre of the room where the teacher stands
  • Sectional - very common in junior schools and pre-schools, this layout involves individual tables surrounded by chairs in a square or circular fashion.

Absolutely yes, classroom chairs can definitely affect the learning capabilities of your students. Keeping children happy and comfortable is key to helping them learn, so choosing chairs that are the right size and which your students sit comfortably in is essential. Style is also important - you don’t want to choose a swivel chair, for example, in a classroom of very young children or those with difficulty concentrating anyway as it will be a very distracting feature. Choosing classroom chairs with ergonomically designed seats and backs with lumbar support can also be incredibly helpful to ensure children are comfortable and correctly supported throughout their school day.

For pre-school or nursery, we would suggest choosing chairs with a seat height of either 260mm or 310mm. These chair heights will allow very young children to sit comfortably.