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Art And Craft Storage For Schools  

Art is one of the school subjects which requires the most teaching materials, accessories and equipment. From paper and paints to brushes, chalks, markers, pencils and stamps as well as aprons or overalls, you need properly designed art and craft storage for your classroom to prevent clutter. 

Our collection of classroom art storage includes trolleys, tray storage, drying racks, art cupboards and paper storage units. We supply a wide range of classroom art and paper storage suitable for pre-schools, nurseries, primary schools, secondary schools and youth clubs. 

For a large, comprehensive art storage unit, the Bubblegum Art Cupboard is an excellent choice. It has 8 racks in each door, 12 trays and fixed and adjustable shelving inside. This style of unit is ideal for classroom spaces that cater specifically to arts and crafts.

For smaller classrooms, or areas which must cater to a range of subjects including art, we sell a range of mobile art storage units that are practical and flexible choices. Our art trolleys and art tray storage ranges in size to be able to store paper up to A1 size with some units having space for paints, brushes and other art and craft supplies. These mobile units are mounted onto lockable castor wheels which allow you to easily move the units between classrooms or areas. 

Drying racks are essential for art classrooms. When you have wet, sticky paintings the last thing you want is for them to be hanging around drying on any available surface; you’ll end up with paint splotches on students, clothing, books and furniture! Installing an art drying rack gives you perforated wire racks where you can lay wet paintings flat to dry without risking paint smears. This is particularly helpful for art rooms for older children where non water soluble paints such as acrylic are being used. 

In addition to our general art supply units and drying racks, we also stock a range of paper storage units. These products are designed specifically for storing different sizes of art paper and card, up to A1 size.

If you are purchasing for a public sector organisation such as a school, college, university, NHS centre, local authority or Government department, we are happy to offer a 30 day credit account that can be used with a purchase order. Please speak to our team for more information.

Delivery of our Classroom Storage is free to most mainland UK addresses. Please check our delivery page for postcode exceptions where a delivery cost may be charged.

For more information on our Art Storage please contact us or call us on 01733 511121. Alternatively, you can view our complete range of Classroom Storage Furniture.


Yes, we sell a range of different art storage options for schools. Our collection of classroom art storage includes trolleys, tray storage, drying racks, art cupboards and paper storage units. Manufactured to order in the UK, our art storage units are designed and built to withstand daily use in educational settings such as schools, colleges, universities, nurseries and play groups. 

An art kinderbox includes Monarch trays in a beech finish style with open bays that allow children and teachers easy access to art suplies. Similar to a book kinderbox, the open bays can be access from the top of the storage unit making it easy for all ages.

Our art Kinderboxes are ideal for pre-schools and arts and crafts rooms as they provide plenty of room for bulky art supplies like paint. Choose colourful trays to go with your classroom decor. 

Yes, we use sustainable practices in our manufacturing hubs to ensure that any leftover wood is ground into sawdust to fuel the factory processes, and any plastic, paper and cardboard is always recycled. We have also optimised our manufacturing processes to reduce wastage by 80%. In addition, all of the materials used to make our art storage furniture are eco-friendly; they are sourced from Egger and FSC-certified suppliers.

The best way to store art paper is to choose a specially designed art paper storage trolley. With various styles available to store art paper and card up to A1 size, these drawer or shelving units keep your art paper secure and neat. 

Yes, the vast majority of our art storage are trolley units fitted with lockable castor wheels which allow you to easily move the units between classrooms and areas. 

Our immediate 30 day credit account is offered to all public sector organisations, including schools, colleges, universities, local authorities, NHS,  and Government departments. If you belong to one of these organisations and wish to place an order on account, please provide an official purchase order on headed paper with details of the products you require. You can send your purchase order to us by:

  • Uploading directly to our PO portal
  • Emailing it to: [email protected]
  • Faxing it to: 01733 511122
  • Posting to: Early Learning Furniture, 38-39 Manasty Road, Orton Southgate, Peterborough, PE2 6UP

Please note, we require account payments within 30 days of the invoice date and we reserve the right to levy interest charges on overdue accounts. For more information, speak to our team on 01733 511121.

The best way to tidy up art supplies in your classroom is to invest in appropriate art storage. To decide what kind of classroom craft storage you require, first layout all your art equipment and supplies to see what needs to be stored. Art paper and card is best stored on narrow shelves, in tray storage or in specialised art paper storage units. Paints, brushes and other small supplies can be divided into different tray storage or stored in racks. If you are likely to have wet paintings around, think about investing in drying racks, these keep each piece of art separate until dry. 

The majority of our classroom storage comes with a 5-year warranty. Please check individual product pages for further information. If you have an issue with any of our art storage furniture, please contact us or call us on 01733 511121 so we have work with you to rectify the issue.