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What Are The Best Noticeboards For Schools

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Early Learning Furniture


28 January 2022

Noticeboards are one of the most commonly used products in schools - and for good reason. School display boards can perform a wide variety of different functions, from teaching to safety and beyond.

Schools can use notice boards in a variety of different locations; the most obvious of these is in a classroom, where you can showcase student work or educational materials for lessons - for example, alphabet letters, numbers or pictures.

When installed in school corridors or thoroughfares - or in communal areas such as school halls, cafeterias or libraries, noticeboards display important school information such as contact details, emergency evacuation plans or timetables. With a range of outdoor school noticeboards available, too, you can keep parents or visitors informed about school information, timings, upcoming events or term dates.

What kind of noticeboards are available for schools?
  • Noticeboards - wall-mounted noticeboards are a school essential. Framed or unframed, these school display boards make a great teaching aid but are also indispensable for delivering information in and around educational establishments. 
  • Whiteboards - whiteboards are an ideal teaching aid as they can be written on with dry-wipe markers and quickly erased. Magnetic versions are also available if you want to double up and use them for displays, and mobile styles on wheels can be purchased for flexibility. Most commonly found in classrooms, staff rooms, offices and communal meeting areas. 
  • Outdoor Notice Boards - outdoor noticeboards and signs share important information with parents and visitors. They are designed to be weatherproof, and the noticeboard includes inner seals to protect your displays from water damage. Their tamperproof frames are provided with locks to keep them secure. They are designed for use in unsupervised areas and offer the most 'tamperproof' resistance possible. 
  • Classroom Dividers - you might not think divider screens can be used as school notice boards, but in fact, their central board construction and outer fabric layer make them suitable for use as display boards as well as room dividers. Use pins or Velcro to fix school displays. Mobile versions on wheels are available.
  • Display Boards - these kits include a series of landscape or portrait fabric panels framed in aluminium or PVC. Use with pins or velcro. They’re a great choice for temporary displays on open evenings, parent evenings and exhibitions of school work. 

Browse our full range of Notice Boards and White Boards or read on for 4 ways you can use noticeboards at your school or nursery.

Noticeboards For Teaching

As the primary function of a school environment is to help students to learn, it makes sense that this would also be the primary function of noticeboards for schools. School display boards can be used to showcase letters, numbers, pictures and other visual teaching aids for classrooms. Studies have shown that one of the easiest ways to ensure that learners store information in their long-term memory is to ‘pair concepts with meaningful images’. According to Dr Lynell Burmark in his book Visual Literacy: Learn to See, See to Learn; “unless our words, concepts, ideas are hooked onto an image, they will go in one ear, sail through the brain, and go out the other ear.” 

There’s a good reason that children’s books often feature illustrations, and it’s more scientific than you might think. Studies have shown that illustrated texts are up to 9% more effective than text alone when testing immediate comprehension. This number rises to 83% when the test is delayed. So, by using either a wall-mounted or freestanding display board as part of lessons, teachers can offer a more in-depth and effective learning experience for their students.

Furthermore, you can use classroom noticeboards to assist children’s learning in more indirect ways; for example, by showcasing student work. In an early learning environment, tacking up the children’s artwork gives purpose and value to their creativity, offering positive affirmation that their work is appreciated and that every child’s work matters.


Display Boards For Communication

Whether outdoors or indoors, communicating with staff, parents, visitors and students within a school environment is very important. In addition to our indoor noticeboards, we also sell a range of external display boards designed specifically for schools. 

Included in this collection of outdoor school displays is a range of customisable external signs which can be personalised with your school’s name and logo. These are available in a variety of different play styles to give your school a welcoming feel for young pupils. 

In addition, this range also includes a range of external noticeboards. These are all designed to be weatherproof, and are fitted with internal seals to protect your displays from the elements. They also all have tamperproof lockable frames, so you know that your displays will be kept safe and secure. Use them to showcase school contact information, term dates and schedules, promote upcoming school events and display other notices and information useful for parents and visitors. 


Flameshield Tamperproof Fire Retardant Notice Boards

Flameshield Tamperproof Fire Retardant Notice Boards

Flameshield Unframed Fire Rated Notice Boards For Schools

Flameshield Unframed Fire Rated Notice Boards For Schools

Notice Boards For Safety 

When you have a school full of little ones, whether you have dozens of pupils or hundreds of them, safety is always of paramount importance. School noticeboards are an easy way to keep safety information on display and easy to find. For example, escape routes and fire evacuation plans should be pinned up in every corridor and classroom. In early learning environments, younger students won’t be able to read the adult plans, so you can also supplement this information with larger pictorial displays such as arrows, doors and fire engines which allow teachers to help their students learn about emergency exits and fire drills.

Another aspect of safety within a school for the past several years has been Covid restrictions and regulations. While in the UK we are seeing a phasing out of Covid measures, particularly in early learning schools, some of the messaging that has been promoted during the pandemic has been extremely helpful and should remain common practice. For example, notices reminding children to wash their hands regularly and for at least 20seconds, singing a song while doing so, teaches good hygiene habits and can help reduce sickness outbreaks in schools.

Display Boards For Practicality

When you think about school noticeboards, your first assumption might be that they are all wall-mounted designs. However, while we do stock a wide range of wall-mounted noticeboards and whiteboards for classrooms and corridors, we also have a large collection of alternative notice board styles that serve a wide range of purposes within a school environment.

We know that in schools and nurseries, particularly environments dealing with very young children, being able to be flexible is key. Choosing mobile noticeboards on wheels, for example, means you can use them in place in classrooms as teaching aids - but you can also wheel them around the school to use in a variety of different situations, from assemblies to playgrounds. In addition, our kits of folding display panels are ideal for parent-teacher meetings or school open days to set up mobile presentations in different places. You can also think about dual-purpose products such as classroom partitions - these can be used to create smaller play or reading areas (or divide up school halls into smaller spaces) but also to display bright, colourful pictures or teaching aids.

For more information about any of our school noticeboards, whiteboards or display boards, please Contact Us or give our team a call on 01733 511121.



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