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Why Choose a Classroom Activity Mat?

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Early Learning Furniture


27 November 2016

Why Choose a Classroom Carpet?

Classroom carpets and rugs look so fun and bright but apart from aesthetics, are there really any advantages to having one in your classroom? Here at ELF we have just launched a new range of classroom rugs and we think there is definitely more to them than meets the eye …

Teaching Aid

All of our classroom carpets double up as a teaching aid. With a range of themes, including alphabet, colours, numbers, animals, places and feelings, our activity mats can be used for games, group work, class discussions and interactive play.

Back To Nature Bug Square Classroom Rugs

Meeting Area

A carpet or rug is a great tool to use as a meeting area or communal space in a classroom. It provides a friendly environment where a whole class or small groups can sit and communicate, ideal to use at registration time or story time. Some of our larger carpets, such as the Back to Nature Bug Rug, have individual spaces for each child to have their own space to sit.

Noise Reduction

As classroom carpets are soft they will absorb sounds and reduce overall noise in a classroom. Carpet is much more efficient in reducing noise compared to other types of flooring. Reducing the levels of noise in a classroom will help with children’s concentration levels and therefore have a positive impact on learning.

Back to Nature Chloe Caterpillar Number Rug

Warm and Comfortable

Children want to feel warm and safe at school and having a carpet in the classroom provides a comfortable place for them to be.


All of our classroom rugs adhere to relevant safety standards – EN71 Parts 1, 2 & 3. They have anti-slip backing so they will not creep or slip on carpeted, tiled or wood floors. A carpet can also cushion the impact of slips and falls and reduce the seriousness of injury.

Air Quality

Carpets will trap dust and other particles and so remove them from the air and breathing zone – this can help improve air quality in a room and have a positive impact on people with asthma and allergies.

Rainbow Placement Semi-Circle Classroom Rugs

Easy to Clean

The best way to keep classroom rugs looking their best is to vacuum regularly. Our carpets can also be spot cleaned with a damp cloth.

Under The Sea Corner Classroom Carpets

Range of Sizes

You might not have the space or budget for a large classroom carpet, in which case we offer a range of sizes and shapes to suit different needs. Choose from corner carpets, circular or semi-circular rugs, squared and rectangular carpets and even ladybird or bee-shaped rugs!


Our classroom carpets are designed for everyday use in schools, nurseries and preschools. They are durable and have been tested to heavy duty standards for pull tests and rub tests. With thick pile and tightly bound edges to prevent fraying they are both comfortable and practical.

Bright and Colourful

Our carpets are bright and colourful and make a lovely addition to any classroom or learning space. A rug is an easy and cost-effective way to brighten up a classroom. Rugs do not have to be confined to classrooms; they can be used in library areas, reading corners or communal spaces in the school.

Don’t forget, at Early Learning Furniture we offer free delivery on all orders to mainland UK. We also offer immediate 30-day credit to public sector organisations, including schools, and accept purchase orders by email ([email protected] ) or by fax (01733 511122.)

For more information about our classroom rugs or any of our other products, please contact usor call our sales team on 01733 511121.




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