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Whiteboard and Lapboard Lessons

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Early Learning Furniture


27 January 2015

Here at Early Learning Furniture we offer a huge variety of both full size Whiteboards for teachers and smaller Lapboards for individual students. Lapboards in particular are perfect for getting your classes more involved with the work they are doing and help to improve everything from handwriting and spelling to musical ability.

Not only are they great for the class but there are so many other reasons that whiteboards and lapboards would be a great addition to your classroom. For example they are also eco-friendly helping to cut down on paper wastage and helping to save countless trees, not to mention saving you countless hours of grading papers.

Lapboard Lessons & Games

Whiteboard And Lapboard Lessons- Handwriting

Handwriting Practice – Our Lapboards with the printed handwriting surface are perfect for this task however you can use regular boards and pre-draw the lines on with a marker if not. Ideally the children should use smaller markers as they mimic a pen or a pencil more closely.

The great thing about using a lapboard for handwriting practice is that the students can just wipe off their writing until they are happy with it, instead of wasting multiple pieces of paper each. 

Let the students who are pleased with their handwriting show it off to the rest of the class, this can help motivate them to produce the best handwriting possible so they can show off their work to their classmates.

Maths – using lapboards and whiteboards during a maths lesson should help to reinforce a wide variety of math skills and improve students test scores.

For this lesson you’ll need an individual lapboard, marker and eraser for each of your students and some pre-prepared math problems. 10 questions is usually a good guideline however go with as many as you feel necessary. Every time you use this lesson you should change the questions you use in order to reinforce different skills, making sure that no previously learnt skills are forgotten.

Have your questions up on your whiteboard as the students arrive in the class and ask them to complete the 10 questions on their lapboard. When everyone has finished ask a student to give you the answer to a question, then ask all the students who have the same answer to hold the board in the air to show you. From this you can then determine if anyone needs extra help.

Spelling Test - Spice up traditional pen and paper spelling tests through the use of lapboards, turn it into a game to get everyone motivated and in the mood to do their best.

For example you could hold a classroom spelling bee with a small prize for the winner, and perhaps some consolation sweets for everyone else so no one is left out. Stand at the front of the class and make sure everyone has their marker, eraser and board at the ready. Say the word you want everyone to spell and give them a time limit to spell the word and hold the board up for you to see. Anyone who misspells or exceeds the time limit you have set is out of game. The words you choose should increase in difficulty until you have just one student left who wins the grand prize.

Games like this are perfect in classrooms as they bring out the competitive edge of the students and keep them interested whereas traditional spelling tests may bore them.

Whiteboard Lessons & Games

Pictionary – This classic game can be turned into the perfect way to improve vocabulary or help to learn new languages in the classroom using your whiteboard. You can combine this activity with lapboards, asking the students to write down what you are drawing and hold it up when they have guessed it, the first person to hold up the correct answer gets a point.

Pick the amount of pictures you will be drawing beforehand and then start by drawing a picture on your whiteboard, this can be anything you choose, such as an appliance you use daily or an animal. If you’re teaching a foreign language ask the students to answer in that language to improve their knowledge and help them to retain the language more effectively. After you have finished total up everyone’s points and then award a prize to the student with the most.

Hangman – This game is perfect for younger classes as it can help them with both their spelling and their vocabulary. You will be the one picking the words and the students will be guessing letters, try words that they may not be completely familiar with as this can help them to improve vocabulary.

Start by drawing a line on the board for each letter of your word, ask the students to raise their hands to suggest letters and then pick a different student each time. If the letter is incorrect draw a section of the stick figure, the round is over when either the whole word is completed or the drawing is completed.

We hope you can use these lessons and games to encourage more involvement in your classroom and keep students motivated. Here at Early Learning Furniture We offer free delivery on all orders placed and there is an immediate 30 day credit account available for all public sector organisations. This applies to institutions such as schools, colleges, universities, NHS, local authorities and Government departments.

For more information on any of our early learning products please contact us or call our sales team on 01733 511121.




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