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Wet Playtime Ideas and Games

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Early Learning Furniture


15 October 2018

During the winter months, it can be a tricky task keeping a class of 30 children occupied during indoor play time. The wet and cold weather can restrict outdoor play time which means teachers must come up with ways to keep the children happy whilst indoors.

There may be some restrictions on what children can play with on break times or even where they are situated. They may be contained in another classroom, or in the big hall. Wherever it may be, it’s important to keep children occupied without losing control.

Children thrive on structure and routine but through the winter months this routine may change slightly, in terms of break and lunchtimes. The important thing is to keep them busy and distracted from the fact they are not outside.

We have come up with some fun ideas of making wet playtime fun and interesting.

Get Creative

Children love being creative and it comes so naturally to them. Provide children with pens, pencils, paint and creative play materials and you can watch their imaginations come to life.

Christmas is fast approaching so now would be a good time to start Christmas themed craft. This can include making Christmas cards, tree decorations and ornaments. This is something all children would love to get involved in.

Two Sided Easel

Play a DVD

Playing an all-time classic DVD is a good way of keeping things calmer during break time. Children will see this a real treat and may even enjoy the quiet time. This may be something that only happens now and again as it may not suit all children.

Staying Active

Children love to be active, and its especially important after lunch breaks to ensure children don’t become lethargic. Keeping active with some simple group play will keep them alert as well as have fun.

Play a game of duck duck goose, with a class of 30 children this can keep them entertained for quite a while. Get all the children to sit in a circle with one child walking around the circle tapping each head whilst saying duck. The child that gets called goose must get up and run around the circle and attempt to get catch the child who tapped them before they sit in their place.

If you have access to the school gym equipment, it may be a good idea to set up some throwing challenges. This can include bean bags into buckets or balls into hoops.

You could play musical statues or musical chairs. These are classic party games which are bound to keep them entertained. Sleeping lions is a great group game and will work well with a larger group of children.

 These games may require more space which is ideal for play time in the school hall, or even shifting around some tables & chairs in a classroom to create a little more playing space.

Childrens Folding Table Top Theatre

Group Role Play

Starting a group play is a great way of keeping children active and entertained. You can involve the whole class and give each child a role to play. This can also be great for practising any kind of play that may be coming up, like the Christmas nativity. 

Memory Games

Memory games are ideal for making sure children stay sharp after dinner time. You could play the ‘I pack my suitcase’ game which requires each child to remember what the person before packed and add their item to it.

Similar to that, the ‘I went to the shop’ game requires the next child to remember what the child before added to the basket.

These can be a lot of fun and will keep their little minds ticking over.

Sing Songs

Children love to sing and this can be encouraged even more so when there is a group. You can sing and practice nursery rhymes. You can even give them access to the classroom cd player which will allow them to express their own interest in the type of music they listen too.

You may even find that with singing comes dancing, providing children with means of physical activity. 

Free Downloads

We have a range of teaching downloads that are free to print off and can be used for wet play times. There is a range of colouring in activities, and themed activity sheets. 

You can laminate these teaching resources for long term use which can benefit both class time and play time. 

Free Teaching Resources- Animals

Free Play

Children may be lucky enough to have access to a classroom full of school play equipment. Free play is great as children can use the play equipment around them to entertain themselves and each other. They can role play in the home corner with the play kitchens. They can build blocks into creative structures or read in the quiet corner. Free play gives children the time to do what they want to as they would do outside.

We offer a wide range of play equipment which has been designed for use in schools, pre-school and nurseries. Our selection of early years' play equipment has been designed to encourage group play and stimulate creativity in young minds and will help to keep children entertained during the indoor play times.

Don’t forget, at Early Learning Furniture we offer free delivery on all orders to mainland UK. We also offer immediate 30-day credit to public sector organisations, including schools, and accept purchase orders by email ([email protected] ) or by fax (01733 511122.)

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