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We Love Soft Play Equipment

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Early Learning Furniture


27 July 2016

It’s a well-known fact that children learn through play, and learning through play is how children make sense of the world around them.

Play should always be fun, stimulating and interesting. Toys are fun, but they are also a very valuable learning aid that is critical to the learning and development of each young child.

That’s why at Early Learning Furniture we believe that our soft play equipment range has everything you need to create a stimulating and fun learning environment which will encourage children to grow and develop.

We have recently launched a range of soft play equipment. This new play range offers many different solutions to keep young children stimulated.

Here is why we love our soft play range:

Ideal for learning

Childrens Soft Play Set

Our soft play equipment comes in a variety of bright colours and shapes which is ideal for helping children with basic colour and shape recognition.

The textured surfaces on some products in the range can help with special sensory needs for children with learning difficulties. 

Our selection of building blocks are ideal for creative learning activities, problem solving, group work and team work. They allow children to construct a variety of fun obstacle courses and have fun completing them or knocking them over.

They allow children to engage in physical activity which is an important factor in the growth and development of children.

They can be used for basic maths activities during play which can include counting and shape recognition.

The Sensory Soft Play Cube is great for practical learning. It features six recognisable fastenings that children will learn to deal with throughout their everyday lives. These include, press studs on a raincoat, buttons on a waistcoat, belt on some trousers, fastex buckles on a backpack, zip on a dress and Velcro and laces on some shoes.


We offer a variety of different soft play equipment which is great for different activities. This includes activity cubes with mirrors, which are great for sensory needs and a wide range of multi-shape play sets, which are great for a range of activities such as construction, physical obstacle courses, climbing on and crawling through. 

Sensory Soft Play Cube

The soft rockers are ideal for young children to sit on and play in their own imaginary world, and the soft foam cube is ideal for building, stacking or even sitting on.

The large floor cushion provides a soft-landing spot for physical play and can also double up as a resting place for tired children.

The library soft seating flower can act as a comfortable place for children to sit and enjoy reading a book, or for young children to play in a padded and safe place.

There is plenty of variety within our soft play range so there is something to suit all age ranges and applications.


All our soft play products are made from high-quality, high-density foam which is resistant to bending, sagging and twisting.

The soft touch vinyl is easy to clean and only requires and damp cloth to wipe down and maintain. They are durable and fire resistant which makes them ideal for use in any learning environment.

The reinforced, double stitching provides a quality piece of play furniture that has been built to withstand daily use with young children.

The high-quality full colour print on the vinyl covers makes a bright and detailed, long lasting and vibrant design which will help to stimulate curious minds.


Tunnel Soft Play Set

Our range is ideal for a wide array of activities, from learning and physical activity, right through to comfortable soft seating area where children can relax and unwind.

The soft play range is so versatile it can be used in any type of setting where soft play equipment is required. Perfect for use in schools, pre-schools, nurseries and even at home.

Some of the range is ideal for children with special sensory needs and can provide a calming experience with in the classroom environment.

Our soft play range has been designed to encourage interaction, physical activity, team work, problem solving, confidence and co-ordination.


Safety is paramount where children are concerned which is why all our soft play products meet all relevant safety and fire standards.

Complete with reinforced, high-quality seams which allow for a safer play time. 

Soft Play Toy Rockers

For more information on the soft play equipment or any of our early learning products please contact us or call us on 01733 511121.

At Early Learning Furniture, we are experts in classroom storageclassroom furniture and school play equipment for nurseries, pre-schools and primary schools.

We understand the importance of education within early years and provide the equipment you need to create an exciting and stimulating learning environment.




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