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We Love Role Play Panels!

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Early Learning Furniture


27 February 2016

Play is a vital factor that contributes to the development and growth of all children. It’s a chance for children to explore, be creative and experience all kinds of emotions.

Whilst a child is playing, it is not just play time - it’s much more!

Child's play is not only fun but it’s educational too, without realising it a child learns to share, be compassionate, and have empathy and understanding towards other children. 

Play is considered the highest form of learning during which an outgoing child will learn about boundaries and it helps shy children to come out of their comfort zone.

Role play is an effective learning tool as it encourages children to become active participants in their learning. They can move about, put themselves in someone else’s shoes, perhaps wear a costume or use props, communicate and make decisions in character, which will allow them to take risks and explore different areas.

Learning from role play is therefore far more likely to stick with children than doing exercise sheets for example, mostly because they will be much more willing and enthusiastic!

Childrens Role Play Panels Theatre

When it comes to imaginative play, our Role Play Panels have long been a firm favourite with children. Our range of play panels can be used to create various scenarios that will keep children playing for hours.

Why We Love the Role Play Panels


We offer a wide range of individual play panels allowing you to create a totally bespoke play area and provide young children with the chance to explore new scenarios.

Our individual role play panels are:

  1. Mirror
  2. Whiteboard
  3. Plain
  4. Blackboard
  5. Display panel
  6. Garage 
  7. Window
  8. Theatre
  9. Door
  10. Counter – available in maple or coloured finish
  11. Post Office
  12. Archway
  13. Double Door
  14. Health Centre

Each individual panel comes complete with a fixing kit which allows you to link it to another panel of your choice.

Not sure which panels to choose? We have configured some our bestselling play panels into kits which we know will be popular choices with imaginative young minds.

These include:

  1. Home set – includes a door, window and plain board
  2. Shop set – includes blackboard, counter and double door
  3. Creativity set – includes whiteboard, blackboard and display panel
  4. Lifestyle set – includes garage, post office and double door
  5. Theatre set – includes double door, mirror and theatre panel

The pre-selected kits provide children with the opportunity to act out grown up job roles such as shop keepers, doctors, teachers and actors. The only real restriction with our role play panels is the child’s imagination!


Specifically designed for use within primary schools, pre-schools and nurseries, our role play panels are manufactured to the highest quality in the UK using a sustainably sourced solid wood.

Childrens Role Play Panels Home Set

They are durable and have been built to withstand wear and tear and daily use from young children.

They are delivered fully assembled and come complete with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Our mirror panels are made with a plastic safety mirror and all of our play panels have rounded corners for a safer play environment. 

Mirror Panels

Easy to Use

Our Role Play Panels come with an innovative modular linking system which enables them to be linked together securely at various angles and configurations to suit your needs.

See the image for layout examples.

They are useful for classrooms with limited space as they can be laid flat for storage. The linking system is extremely easy to use and won’t allow small fingers to be trapped.

For safety, a minimum of two panels should be linked, using the linking kit provided, at the top and bottom during play to ensure stability.

You can create and recreate endless configurations and scenarios with our role play panels.

Endless Opportunity

Our role play panels are a great addition to any early years’ learning environment. They offer flexibility allowing you to continually add to your existing range when space or budget allows.

Perfect for encouraging group interaction and classroom activities, for example the whiteboard and blackboard panels are great for group discussions. They can be used at story time to jot things down or to tell their own story. The display panel allows children to attached notices using Velcro, perfect for group interaction.

At 1200mm high these role play panels are the perfect height for pre-schoolers. We do however offer a smaller range of play panels aimed at toddlers with a height of 700mm.

Also available are our outdoor role play panels which have a slightly different look and are designed to withstand the rigours of outdoor play and British weather. 

For more information on our Role Play Panels, or any of our other products please contact us or call us on 01733 511121.

At Early Learning Furniture we are experts in school classroom furnitureclassroom storage and classroom library furniture for primary schools, pre-schools and nurseries. We understand the importance of education within early years and provide the equipment you need to create an exciting and stimulating learning environment.




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