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We Love Our Library Book Browsers

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Early Learning Furniture


27 February 2017

Reading should be promoted and encouraged through every stage of a child’s school life, from pre-school right through to secondary school. During school, it is vital that teachers actively promote reading both independently and in groups.

Studies have shown that reading skills are imperative to a child’s success in personal development and school life. Reading not only brings great benefits to the educational capabilities and development of a child but it can also be a lot of fun for children. Reading opens doors to the imagination of children and presents them with the opportunity to learn new sounds, words and phrases in order to articulate and express themselves in a better way.

Book browsers are a perfect way to present books to children in an appealing manner and here are some reasons why we love our library book browsers. 

Fun Shapes

Our library book browsers come in a variety of different shapes and designs. They are creative in design and entice children to look at the books that are on offer. The fun shapes bring an interactive element to reading time and helps make libraries or reading corners fun and child friendly. 

Elephant Book Browser

Our Elephant Book Browser is a fun and innovative design that has plenty of space for children’s books with fun display shelves and secret cupboards. The unit is freestanding and is a perfect addition to a school library which needs a bit of character! 

Crocodile Book Browser

The Crocodile Book Browser is an imaginative seating unit which is full of colour and character. This book browser comes with a number of storage spaces for picture books, as well as generous seating space for children. The multi-use feature of this book browser encourages children to browse different books, and sit and read them. 


Children’s books can often come in different shapes and sizes. This is why we love our library book browsers, they are versatile in design and they can be used to display different sized books.  

Our ELF Bug Double Sided Book Display is a fun and colourful unit which is ideal for storing and displaying different sized books. The unit comes with 4 castor wheels so is easily manoeuvred between classroom reading corners or libraries. The double sided feature means books can be accessed from both sides and the unit is ideal as a stand-alone unit in the middle of a school library. 

ELF Bug Double Sided Book Display


For smaller schools and nurseries who may not have space to facilitate libraries, our portable book browsers are ideal because they can easily be transported between rooms and allow all students to have the opportunity to browse different books. 

Bubblegum Book Ladder

Our Bubblegum Book Ladder is a fun and creative book display unit perfect for adding a splash of colour within schools, pre-schools and nurseries. The book ladder features 4 angles shelves on each side which provide easy access to books for young children. Versatile and colourful and can be used to display books, magazines and picture books. The unit comes with easy glide castor wheels which allow for easy movement between rooms. This makes it an ideal solution for schools or nurseries who do not have enough space for a library but still want to give children the opportunity to reap the benefits of browsing and reading books. 

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