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We Love Our Imaginative Play Furniture

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Early Learning Furniture


27 April 2017

We Love Our Imaginative Play Furniture

Feed a child’s imagination with our imaginative play range – a selection of school play equipment which will help stimulate group play and encourage active imaginations. We love our imaginative play resources and here are a few of our favourites:

Role Play Panels

Our best-selling role play panels are very popular because they provide endless possibilities for play scenarios. We offer two ranges of play panels – toddler panels for children over 18 months and role play panels for children over three years.

Our toddler play panels are 700mm high and are available in 11 different designs, including arch, plain, magnetic whiteboard, activity sets, fence and gate. They are ideal to use for dividing space or creating a play enclosure or creative corner. Due to the low level of the panels you can still observe and supervise young children playing without disturbing their play. 

Toddler Playpen Panels Enclosure Set

The panels connect together using the joining blocks supplied – one for the top and one for the bottom – so you can buy them individually and create your own play areas. Panels can be joined in many configurations to suit your play needs and space available.  Alternatively we offer two sets of toddler play panels – a set of six, including the gate panel, which create an enclosure; and a set of eight, with a tall arch, to create a larger play space. 

Childrens Role Play Panels Professions Set

Our role play panels are designed for pre-school children and are great for making creative play spaces in nurseries. Standing at 1200mm high, they are available in 15 different designs, including theatre, window, garage, whiteboard, chalk board and door.

As with the toddler panels, the role play panels connect together using the joining block supplied and can be joined in various configurations. You can buy the role play panels individually and create your own themed play space. Or we offer sets of three panels with a theme such as shop, home, creative and professions.

All of our play panels are made in the UK to the highest standard with children’s safety in mind. All have rounded corners and edging and easy clean surfaces. Each one is made with real wood and has a five year guarantee.

Folding Shop & Theatre

The Folding Shop/Theatre is perfect for classroom role play. It doesn’t have to be a theatre or shop, it could be a bank, café or post office – whatever children want it to be.

Childrens Folding Shop And Theatre

Available in two finishes – red or maple. The red option has a chalkboard front and the maple option has a whiteboard front – these areas can be creatively used for drawing or writing. Included is a pair of removable and washable fabric curtains which are great to use if putting on a hand or finger puppet show.

It has easy clean surfaces; folds flat for storage and has a 5 year guarantee.

Wooden Carts

Childrens Wooden Pram Cart

Toddlers can have great fun with the pram and push carts. With a little imagination either one could be a pram, wheelbarrow, cart, lawnmower, go kart or shopping trolley. Both are suitable for children aged 18 months and over.

Made from real wood these play carts are practical and sturdy. They have non-marking plastic tyres which roll easily on all surfaces. Handles can be adjusted to an upright position. The carts can also be used outdoors but must be stored in dry conditions.

Toddler Trike & Trailer

Young children will speed around on this trike and can use the trailer for all sorts of games – they could be a farmer, bike racer, delivery driver or racing driver. It is a great ride-on contraption for helping children learn to steer, develop co-ordination and exercise muscles.

Toddler Wooden Trike

Made from solid beech with non-marking plastic tyres, the trike has a mechanism to prevent it from tipping while turning.

Our range of imaginative play and other school play equipment is ideal for schools, nurseries and pre-schools. For more information about any of our products, please contact us or call 01733 511121.




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