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We Love our Home Corner Furniture

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Early Learning Furniture


26 July 2017

Integrating play with learning is one of the most beneficial ways for children to explore life and different aspects of how the world works. Having a home corner in a school, nursery or home is very beneficial to the learning and progression of a child’s understanding of home life and day to day living.

Having a home corner supports both individual and cooperative play and gets children involved in exploring, imitating, and re-enacting events that they have experienced or heard about – visiting shops, going to the post office and cooking at meal times. It helps children to make sense of their immediate environment and gives an opportunity for children to work together through play to express feelings, use language to communicate roles and respond to peers’ needs and requests.

We Love Our Home Corner Furniture

We believe that creating a home corner which is much like a child’s real home, invites them to play and engage. This is why we provide such a wide range of home corner furniture.

Here at ELF we believe that home corner furniture such as shops and play kitchens are a great way to encourage role play and nurture imagination. We have a wide range of natural finish kitchens and colourful kitchens to choose from – some being perfect for small spaces, whilst others are more suited to larger play areas. 

Reasons Why We Love our Home Corner Furniture:


Designed and manufactured in the UK, our home corner furniture range has been designed with quality in mind.

All of the furniture has been manufactured using high quality material with rounded corners and safety edges. 

Stamford Kitchen Range

Home corner furniture such as Stamford Kitchen Range, have a maple wood grain finish and hard-wearing, scratch resistant, wipe clean melamine surfaces. This makes them perfect for nurseries and schools which need furniture that will last and provide a sleek, high quality look to a home corner. 

Our Toddler Kitchen and Market Stall Range is a premium, award winning range, specifically designed 18months+. 

They are manufactured to a high quality and made from birch plywood with child safe staining and lacquers that show off the beautiful wood grain. 

Market Stall


The safety of children is always paramount and it provides peace of mind knowing furniture has been designed and manufactured with early years’ safety in mind. All of our home corner furniture has anti finger-trap hinges which ensure little hands are protected during group play.

Play products also have rounded edges, reducing the chance of injury during play.

Life-like Features

Our home corner furniture is designed to be as life like as possible so children have connotations to home-life when playing with the furniture. 

Modular Kitchen Range

Our modular kitchen range has hand finished painted details such as clocks on the ovens and soap dispenser illustrations.

They also come with rotating dials and taps to make play time in the home corner furniture as fun as possible.

These features all help young children understand basic home-life routines and how equipment is used. 

Easy Storage

Sometimes lack of space can be a setback when wanting to implement a home corner area. This is why we love our Roll Unfold Kitchen. Not only is it manufactured with a high maple wood grain finish for superb quality, it folds away for easy storage when not in use.

 The kitchen set also comes with an integrated wheel for mobility when folded – perfect for those who lack space but still want to reap the benefits that home corner play brings to children.

Roll Unfold Kitchen


We offer a wide range of play products for the home corner. As well as offering home corner sets and kits, we also offer individual appliances like cookersfridgeswashing machines and microwaves.

Home corner furniture is also available in a range of finishes – natural wooden finish or coloured. 

At Early Learning Furniture, we are experts in early years’ education resources including classroom furniture, school dining furniture and school play equipment. For more information about our products please contact us or call us on 01733 511121




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