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We Love Our Classroom Kinderboxes

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Early Learning Furniture


26 June 2017

Reading is a key driver in the development of children from a very young age. In the very early years, reading helps them to recognise sounds in order to string along simple words. As they progress into the toddler stage of the life cycle, reading helps children to understand new words as well as helping to develop their speech and expanding their imaginative potential.

There is no minimum age for children to start reading – children are never too young to enjoy stories and books. There are books specifically designed for all ages.

In the early years of life, children begin to learn through their senses so for example books are created with elements of touch and sound to help aid engagement with reading and develop their cognitive learning ability.

As they progress over the years, children move onto illustrated picture books with fun storylines which capture their imaginations and help them to learn through the mediums of curiosity and enjoyment.

Here at Early Learning Furniture we understand the importance of reading and the great benefits that it can bring. We aim to provide the best storage solutions to maximise the amount of books which can be stored in an easy accessible and organised manner.

A great place to store picture books is in a Kinderbox. We have a wide range of classroom kinderboxes and here’s a few reasons why we love them:

Ease of access:

Our Kinderboxes come in varying shapes and sizes and are easily accessible for children. With heights which are low enough for young children to reach they can browse and choose the books themselves.  

We offer mobile Kinderboxes which come with easy glide castor wheels. Mobile Kinderboxes mean you can move them from classroom to classroom or even outside when the weather is nice, and provide an alternative setting for reading time without the struggle of trying to carry lots of books. Colour My World Mobile Kinderbox is a great choice for this.


Kinderboxes are a perfect solution for maximising limited space in a school library or classroom reading corner when displaying children’s books. They provide an excellent solution for children to pick a book and return it after reading time without the struggle of trying to reach a bookshelf. The large storage compartments also mean that children can easily see the books on offer by the front covers rather than just the title on the spine like they would on a normal bookshelf.  This makes for a more enjoyable and fun experience at reading time and encourages them to engage with the books. 

Children’s books often vary in size and big picture books can sometimes be difficult to store. We offer Kinderboxes with different depths to provide a solution for this. For example our Reading Corner Basic Kinderbox is ideal for storing different sized books as it has 4 compartments of different depths.

Reading Corner Basic Kinderbox


There are various styles of Kinderboxes that we offer which come in different designs, shapes and colours to brighten up and suit the needs of different reading time environments. 

Learning Bug

Our Learning Bug is a fantastic solution for adding character to a reading corner. The learning bug is a mix and match system so you can create a unit to exactly suit your needs, whether that being adding a bench seat to allow for extra room for reading time or integrating a shelf unit to create more room for other equipment. The bright colours and character of this Kinderbox are perfect for making reading time fun and exciting for children. 

If you want to create a reading corner but have limited space to do so, then our Reading Corner "L" Shape Seating Unit is the optimum solution. It will brighten up any corner of a classroom or library as it comes in a choice of 12 colours with red base cushions. Combining a seating area with a Kinderbox storage area means children can pick a book and enjoy reading time all in one place. 

Reading Corner L Shape Seating Unit


Safety is imperative anywhere that children are around and all of our Kinderboxes are designed with this in mind. They all follow relevant European safety standards and all of the edges on the furniture are rounded so there are no sharp corners which could cause injury.


Kinderbox With Trays

Our Kinderboxes come in a variety of finishes with some available in a choice of 12 colours. With such bright colours available you can really bring excitement to a reading corner or library.

Combined Storage:

Our range of Kinderboxes can be combined to create a fully equipped reading area with plenty of storage. If room is limited then why not combine a literacy corner in your classroom with a storage solution for reading time with our Kinderbox with Trays. This Kinderbox comes complete with Gratnells trays available in 16 vibrant colours as well as an option for either a mobile unit or a static unit. 

For more information on our Kinderboxes, help selecting the most appropriate Kinderbox or information about any other of our products please contact us or call us on 01733 511121.

Here at ELF, We are experts in early years’ education supplies including classroom furniturehome corner furniture and school dining furniture.




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