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We Love Our Classroom Carpets & Rugs

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Early Learning Furniture


26 June 2017

We’ve recently launched a brand new range of Classroom Carpets, Rugs and Activity Mats that are perfect for schools, pre-schools, nurseries and even the home. The carpets are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, colours and designs – there’s something to meet everyone’s requirements!

All of our mats feature a specially designed, anti-slip, Rhombus backing which ensures safety on all surfaces. The essential safety standards EN71 Parts 1, 2 & 3 are also met.

Here are a few of our favourite new Classroom Carpets and why we love them:

Rainbow Rectangular Alphabet Mat

Our Rainbow Rectangular Alphabet Mat is an educational carpet that helps to support basic Key Stage 1 Literacy skills. The bright and vibrant colours make this carpet perfect for any classroom and help to keep children engaged.

Rainbow Rectangular Alphabet Mat

The carpet features 24 squares with letters of the alphabet on. These can be used as spots for children to sit on and you can even create games using the mat. The Rainbow Rectangular Alphabet mat is a great teaching aid for early years’ children and promotes group working.

This mat is manufactured using a durable tuf-loop Nylon which is soft to touch and designed for use in high activity areas – perfect for the classroom. The tightly bound edges prevent fraying, providing you with a longer lasting carpet.

Our classroom carpets are crease and stain resistant, and can easily be spot cleaned with a damp cloth if required.

Rainbow 1-100 Classroom Number Rug

Rainbow 1-100 Rug

The Rainbow 1-100 Classroom Number Rug is a vibrantly coloured carpet which is perfect for teaching basic numeracy skills in a group. This carpet is great when paired with mathematical activities.

This rug is crease resistant, allowing you to quickly and easily roll it up and store it away when not in use without having to worry about creasing. The rug is also stain resistant – any spillages can easily be spot cleaned using a damp cloth.

Our classroom carpets are designed for use in busy classroom environments with durable tuf-loop Nylon fabric and a specially designed anti-slip, Rhombus backing to ensure safety.

This carpet is also available in a smaller 1-24 Classroom Number Mat option.

Back to Nature Minibeasts Classroom Rug

The Back to Nature Minibeasts Classroom Rug is a fun and interactive learning carpet which promotes group play and discussions about nature. This helps children to develop their social skills. This mat features a range of minibeasts such as spiders, snails, worms, ladybirds and many more.

With bright and vibrant illustrations, the Back to Nature Minibeasts rug encourages learning through interactive and imaginative play.

Back to nature minibeasts classroom rug

This rug features a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty and fully conforms to the relevant safety standards, EN71 Parts 1, 2 and 3.

Perfect for use in schools, pre-schools, nurseries and even homes – promoting group discussion and learning.

Tell the Time Classroom Carpet and Accessory Pack

Tell The Time Classroom Rug

This carpet and accessory pack is specifically designed to teach the time to young children, and is ideal for use in schools, pre-schools, nurseries and even the home. The carpet clearly defines hours, minutes and seconds, as well as 24 hour calibration and digital referencing when used with the accessory pack.

The accessory pack includes fully movable hour and minute clock hands as well as placement discs which children can use to identify certain times, i.e. 45 minutes (quarter to). Also included is a write-on digital clock to teach 24 hour time and clock hand equivalence. It is recommended to use dry wipe markers.

The items in the accessory pack are printed on durable and flexible polypropylene plastic, with non-toxic inks. They also feature rounded corners for safe use with young children.

Similarly to the other carpets in this range, the rug is manufactured using a premium quality carpet with an extra thick, soft textured Nylon tufted twist pile and tightly bound edges which prevent fraying. Perfect for use in busy classrooms.

Emotions Interactive Classroom Rug

The Emotions Interactive Classroom Rug is a highly visual, colourful carpet which features 12 different emotions, feelings and other keywords to encourage group discussions.

Emotions Interactive Rug

Each emotion is large enough to be used as a placement seat for children to sit on during games and group learning activities.

Designed for use in schools, pre-schools and nurseries – this classroom carpet is available in three different shape options – rectangular, oval and circular

For more information on our range of Classroom Carpets & Mats or any of our other early learning furniture products, please contact us or call us on 01733 511030.

At Early Learning Furniture, we are experts in classroom storageclassroom furniture and school play equipment for nurseries, pre-schools and primary schools.

We understand the importance of education within early years and provide the equipment you need to create an exciting and stimulating learning environment.




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