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We Love Junior Easels

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Early Learning Furniture


26 June 2017

Junior easels are specially designed to be used by young children in nurseries, pre-schools and primary schools. They are lower in height so can easily be accessed by little ones who want to draw, write or paint. Here are just a few reasons why we love them:

Multiple Uses

Our children’s easels can be used in any classroom for a whole variety of things. For structured learning they can be used for group work in numeracy and literacy. Many of our easel products have a ledge or storage which can hold books so you can combine reading with literacy work on the board. 

Junior Easels

They can be used for practising sums, writing letters and playing games such as hangman.

They can be used by children to explore their creative side. In nurseries they can be used for mark making and drawing. Attach paper and you can use them for painting and other art activities.

Outdoor 4 Sided Easel

Take your creative side outdoors with the Outdoor 4 Sided Easel. It is designed and built for outdoor use with weather resistant wooden panels and UV resistant paint trays. With four panels it can be used by multiple children for painting or drawing outside.

Paper can be clipped to the top or whiteboard markers and water-based paints can be applied directly to the panels and wiped off afterwards. This easel can be fixed to turf or concrete/asphalt with special fixing packs which are available separately. 


Our junior easels include the Little Rainbows range which has a metal frame and the Little Acorns range which has a wooden frame. You can choose which frame style suits your educational setting best. The Little Rainbows frame is available in different colours, with many products having a multi-coloured harlequin frame – perfect to brighten up a classroom.


We have a junior easel to suit any requirement from table top easels to floor standing boards; mobile easels on wheels to writing boards with storage – there is a solution whatever your needs.

For table top use we offer the Little Rainbows Desktop Easel. This compact board has a single sided, non-magnetic dry wipe surface. It also has a flip chart clip which will hold paper up to A2 size so can be used as a white board or for painting and drawing on paper. With a multi-coloured frame, it is also great value at only £57.

Little Rainbows Desktop Easel Aluminium Frame

If you need a freestanding lower level easel we recommend the Little Rainbows Numeracy and Literacy Easel. This includes a writing board with a choice of surfaces – chalk board, non-magnetic white board and magnetic white board. The frame has adjustable legs so can accommodate most ages.

Little rainbows numeracy and literacy easel

The Little Acorns My Wall is mobile activity centre. If combines a magnetic dry wipe angled writing board with tray storage, drying racks and book storage. Made from solid wood and plywood this unit has heavy duty locking wheels so can be moved from location to location or simply moved to the side of a room for storage when not in use. Other features include a clock face and 1-100 counting grid fixed to the side of the walls.


Our white board products come with either a magnetic or non-magnetic dry wipe surface. Choosing a magnetic surface means that the board is more versatile – as well as a writing board you can use small magnet to display pictures or learning materials.

Alternatively you can choose a chalk board surface. The Little Acorns Tilt ‘n’ Teach is double sided with a magnetic white board surface on one side and a chalk board surface on the reverse.

The writing board rotates and can be locked in any position. It has a sturdy solid wood frame with heavy duty castor wheels so can easily be moved into different locations as required.

 Little Acorns Tilt ‘n’ Teach

Quality Assured

The quality of our junior easels is backed up by a manufacturer’s guarantee. Little Acorns products are guaranteed for 10 years. Little Rainbow products all have a five year surface guarantee.

For more information on our Junior Easels or any of our early years’ education products please contact us or call 01733 511121.

At Early Learning Furniture we are experts in early years’ education resources and equipment for nurseries, pre-schools and primary schools.




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