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Valentine's Day

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Early Learning Furniture


26 December 2016

St. Valentine’s Day started as a festival that was celebrated in Rome around mid-February each year. In the late 400s Pope Gelasius officially declared it as a day for honouring St Valentine. During the 1600s St. Valentine’s Day took off in Europe when the day became associated with love and romance.  The first mass-produced Valentines were sold in the 1840s.

St Valentine's Day is celebrated every year on 14th February. It's the day when people celebrate their love for another person by sending cards or letters, giving gifts or flowers and arranging meals in restaurants. People who would like to have a romantic relationship with somebody may use the occasion to make this known, often anonymously. Valentine's cards are often decorated with images of hearts, red roses or Cupid.

Here are some craft ideas for St Valentine’s Day to keep your little ones busy:

Lollipop Butterfly Valentine’s Day Cards

Supplies Needed:

  • Scrapbook paper
  • Scissors
  • Lollipops
  • Stick on googly eyes
  • Pipe cleaners, cut in half
  • Pencil
  1. First, fold your sheet of scrapbook paper in half and cut out half a butterfly starting from the folded edge.
  2. If you would like to, you can write “To” and “From” on the backside.
  3. Next, make two small cuts in the middles of the butterfly. Insert your lolly into the cuts.
  4. Finally, decorate the lolly with googly eyes and use the pipe cleaners as antennas.

Pipe Cleaner Hearts:

Supplies needed:

  • Pipe cleaners
  • Ribbon
  • Beads
  1. First, thread the beads along the length of the pipe cleaner.
  2. Shape the pipe cleaners into hearts and twist to attach the ends.
  3. Finally, tie the ribbon to the heart with a bow.

Baking Cup Flower Valentines

Supplies needed:

  • Cupcake cases (six for each flower)
  • Lollipops
  • Green masking tape
  • Wire
  • Hole punch
  1. First, fold the cupcake cases as shown – open two flat and fold four in half.
  2. Hole punch the two flat cases in the middle and the four folded ones at the edge, as shown.
  3. To make the leaves, stick the wire in the middle of the masking tape with another layer of tape on top, then cut into leaf shapes as shown.
  4. Place the four folded papers onto the lollipop stick, overlapping 1/4 of the baking case each time a paper is added. Then place two open papers on the bottom.
  5. Finally, twist the leaves around the lollipop stick.

Elephant Card

Supplies needed:

  • Pink and purple card
  • Googly eyes
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  1. First, cut two hearts out of purple card and another heart with a trunk. Then cut three smaller hearts out of pink card.
  2. Next stick the card together and the googly eyes, as shown in the picture.
  3. Finally write ‘You’re unforgettable’ on the elephant’s trunk.

Arts and craft time can be messy – try organising it with one of our tub folding tables. With easy clean surfaces and plastic tubs with lids that are recessed in the table, these tables are great to use for arts and craft in nurseries, pre-schools and primary schools. We also provide a range of Junior Easels that are great getting your children to be more creative.

At ELF we are experts in early years’ educational resources and supply school classroom furniture, school library furniture and play equipment to primary schools, pre-schools, nurseries and playgroups.

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