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Valentines Day Craft Ideas For Kids

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Early Learning Furniture


11 February 2019

February 14th is fast approaching which means many of us are starting to look for small gifts to give to our loved ones to show our appreciation.

Valentine’s day is about more than the materialistic things in life though; it’s a time to celebrate companionship and to express feelings we should probably show more of.

Despite being mostly aimed at adults, V-day is also a great opportunity to help increase children’s emotional development by getting them to think about how they feel inside.

Children tend not to have big budgets for fancy presents, but they do have big, bursting hearts filled with love and innocence, making them prime candidates for spreading the love on the big day.

The team here at ELF believe that the best Valentine’s day gifts are those which are made with your hands and that come from the heart (which just so happens to be great for children).

We have put together some of our favourite Valentine’s day craft ideas that little ones can involved with this February 14th:

Heart Wreath


Great for all ages, a heart wreath is a quick and easy craft activity that will instantly set the mood in any home.

You will need:
1) Coloured card
2) A pen
3) Scissors (always supervise and assist where necessary)
4) A glue stick
5) Ribbon or string

Start by drawing hearts of different sizes on pieces of card. Next, cut the hearts out and arrange them in a circle so that they overlap. Glue each heart to the next to form a secure circle. Finally, glue your ribbon or string to the back of the wreath at the top and hang your masterpiece in a place for all to see.

Heart Binoculars

Look at the world through rose-tinted glasses (even if it is just for day) with these super cute heart-shaped binoculars.

You will need:
1) Cardboard tube x2
2) Paint
3) Scissors (always supervise and assist where necessary)
4) A glue stick
5) Ribbon or string

Firstly, paint your cardboard tubes in any colour you like and add any decorations such as glitter and stickers. Next, press the tube down flat and cut along one of the flat edges. Stick the two open ends together, ensuring they are rounded in the corner. Next, glue the two tubes together along the side. Lastly, glue the ribbon to the inside of the tubes.

Cupid’s Arrows

You will need:
1) Paper straws
2) Card
3) Scissors (always supervise and assist where necessary)
4) A glue stick

Draw shapes like hearts and arrow ends on coloured card. Alternatively, use stickers and felt shapes if you don’t have any card. Glue them to the ends of the straws and you have your very own arrows to spread the love with this V-Day.

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