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Update Your Classroom for 2016

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Early Learning Furniture


26 October 2016

Here at Early Learning Furniture we offer an extensive range of classroom furniture designed for primary schools, pre-schools and nurseries.

Our early years' furniture includes classroom tables, chairs and classroom accessories such as whiteboards, writing boards, easels and lapboards. All of our school furniture is made in the UK and we offer free delivery on all orders.

In a modern learning environment, classroom layout and the use of space is an increasingly important factor. Believe it or not it, the type of classroom furniture and the way the furniture is laid out can affect children’s behaviour and academic success.

That’s why we carefully select the furniture we provide to educational settings to ensure the furniture we deliver is best suited for the application – whether that’s a school dining hall, school library or a classroom.

SkidBase Masterstack Chair

Our SkidBase Masterstack Chair is designed with support, comfort and strength in mind. This classroom chair is perfect for schools and nurseries.

The seat is moulded from one piece of high impact polypropylene and welded onto a super strong steel frame making it virtually unbreakable.

It is also great for outdoor events such as sports days or school fetes as the SkidBase frame will not sink into the ground.

This classroom chair can be stacked up to 25 high when using the SkidBase Stacking Trolley

SkidBase Masterstack Chair

Daisy Shape Classroom Table

Daisy Shape Classroom Table

This fun shaped table is strong and stable, yet lightweight and is ideal for use in classrooms in nurseries, playgroups and schools.

It is available in 4 heights to suit a range of different age groups. The table top comes in a choice of 8 vibrant colours which will create a stimulating and exciting learning environment for children within your nursery or school.  You can also choose from 4 contrasting edge colours.

The Daisy Table is a great sociable shape as it allows children to sit comfortably within the curves of the table.

See our full range of classroom tables here

Bubblegum Art Storage Cupboard

Bubblegum Art Storage Cupboard

The Bubblegum art storage cupboard is a handy school storage cabinet for all art supplies, designed for use in schools, pre-schools and nurseries.

The Bubblegum art cupboard has 4 shelves on each door which can be used for storing paints and paint brushes. It includes 4 deep trays and 8 shallow trays for additional art supplies storage.

It also has 1 fixed shelf and 6 adjustable shelves which are ideal for paper storage or for drying art work once completed.

Perfect for school art classes, alternatively is can be used for storing everyday classroom materials.

See our full range of classroom art storage solutions here.

Bubblegum Jumbo Tray Storage Unit

Bubblegum Jumbo Tray Storage Unit

Our popular Bubblegum range of classroom tray storage units are suitable for any educational setting.

It’s a fun and colourful storage solution designed for use in schools, pre-schools and nurseries. Great for adding a splash of colour to your early years' learning the learning environment.

Supplied with jumbo storage trays which are large enough to hold every s

Day classroom materials. The storage unit is also available with shallow trays and variety trays which includes a mix of different sized trays. Each storage unit has additional space on the top for displaying books or holding pots of pens etc.

See our full range of classroom tray storage solutions. 

Space saving Fold out Whiteboard Writing Board

Space saving Fold out Whiteboard Writing Board

Our non-magnetic dry wipe white board has a satin silver anodised aluminium frame and fold out writing board wings.

The wings are designed to fold out to increase writing space whilst saving wall space. Available in a range of sizes to accommodate different wall space.

View our wide range of classroom whiteboards here.

Small World Role Play Panels

Childrens Role Play Panels Professions Set

These panels encourage Imaginative Play and can be linked with any other play panels of the same size in the range. Panels are connected with an innovative modular linking system that allows them to be linked securely at various angles and configurations to suit your needs.

Each play panel is manufactured in the UK using sustainably sourced solid wood for maximum durability and longevity.

It is important to add colour to your school classroom, this stimulates children’s minds and can positively affect their academic performance. 

Colour is important. Different colours can affect feelings and emotions so think about the best colours to use in your room. 

Bright colours can be exciting and fun, more muted tones are calmer. A lot of our classroom furniture is available in various colours so you can mix and match to find what works best for you.

Be careful not to over clutter your classroom with colours because that could cause children to lose concentration and distract them from their learning.

Your classroom wall is the perfect space to create a display which will encourage and stimulate young minds, for tips and advice read our guide on how to create a classroom wall display.

Here at Early Learning Furniture we understand the importance of education within the early years’ foundation stages and we provide you with the equipment you need to create a stimulating and exciting learning environment.

At ELF we are experts in early years’ educational resources and supply classroom furniture, library furniture, classroom displays, classroom storage and classroom play equipment to primary schools, pre-schools, nurseries and playgroups. For more information about our library furniture or any of our products please contact us or call our sales team on 01733 511121.




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