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The Best Bedtime Stories for Kids

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Early Learning Furniture


26 June 2018

There is nothing better than snuggling up in bed with your little one after a long day and relaxing with a good bedtime story.

Reading from a young age is vital in helping young children understand words and sounds and in developing their speech and listening skills. It also encourages them to use their imaginations and can be useful in setting up a structured bedtime routine.

To read more about the benefits of reading in early years, read our previous blog post here.

Once you have established a calming bedtime routine, it’s important to keep your child’s bookshelf fresh and exciting with a variety of books to choose from.

We have created a list of our top 10 best bedtime books, making sure there is something that will send everyone to sleep.

Bedtime with Ted by Sophy Henn
This colourfully interactive pre-school book follows Ted as he prepares to get ready for bed…with a kangaroo and a crocodile! The interactive flaps on this book encourage children to get involved in the story and to use their imagination which is important for development and growth.

Dr Seuss’s Sleep Book by Dr Seuss
Read the rhyming tale of what happens when a yawn becomes contagious. Rhymes often help children to memorise things better. In fact, poetry has many benefits in early year’s education. Click here to read more about how rhymes can benefit your child.

The Best Bedtime Stories For Kids

Spot Loves Bedtime by Eric Hill
Everyone’s favourite pup has a catastrophe when he loses his teddy bear right before bed. This book is particularly good for smaller babies and toddlers because it is short and simple, but the bright colours will entice small eyes.

Even Superheroes Have to Sleep by Sara Crow
Encourage little ones to drift into dreamland with the promise that their favourite superheroes are also snuggling up under their duvets too. The bold illustrations and rhyming style make this book an easy and comfortable read for children who are partial to resisting sleep.

Goodnight Tiger by Timothy Knapman
Join Emily as she enters the jungle world depicted on her bedroom wallpaper to help get the animals to sleep. This book reinforces the importance of a bedtime routine; something is very important in early years.

Sweet Dreams, Peter! by Beatrix Potter
Ease toddlers and babies into the enchanting world of Peter Rabbit as the characters prepare to sleep. This book is one of the gentler bedtime books with soft rhymes and stunning illustrations of the nation’s best-loved rabbit.

The Night Parade by Lily Roscoe
Discover the beauty of children’s imaginations as you find out what little ones get up to when their parents have drifted off to sleep. Charming illustrations and the rhythm of rhyme make this an easy read ideal for bedtime.

There’s a Walrus in My Bed! by Ciara Flood
See what happens when Flynn tries to sleep in his big boy bed, only to be greeted by a walrus! This book echoes the reality of bedtime for children and parents alike, and used detailed drawings to command attention and tell the humorous tale.

Go Sleep in your Own Bed! by Candace Fleming
Pig goes to settle down in his bed, only to find Cow there. When Cow goes back to her bed, Hen is there. There’s been an awful mix-up in the barn this bedtime! The repetitive nature of this book will engage children as they begin to memorise the phrases and anticipate what comes next.

Bedtime is Cancelled by Cece Meng
What would happen if no one went to sleep? Chaos of course! This book highlights how necessary bedtime and routine is in a light-hearted and gentle way.

Everyone needs a home to store their best bedtime books; our Colour My World School Bookcase is the perfect storage unit for all your favourite tales. Add some beanbags or pillows around it and create a snug reading corner for your little ones.

We would love to hear what your child’s favourite bedtime book is, so if you would like to share then don’t hesitate to get in touch on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.

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