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Summer Outdoor Activities for Kids

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Early Learning Furniture


26 February 2017

Summer is officially here! For parents and teachers that means only one thing – lots of children wanting to be outdoors enjoying the sun! Outdoor activities for kids are a great way to let young ones explore the outdoors and keep them occupied so the dreaded “I’m bored” phrase is nowhere to be heard.

No matter what environment or location, the outdoors provides great opportunity for exploratory and imaginative play which can be hugely beneficial to the development of a child. We have come up with some creative outdoor activities for kids which are sure to keep everyone busy!

DIY Garden Sprinkler

This nifty outdoor activity requires a small amount of effort. You will need:

-          A 2 litre empty fizzy pop bottle

-          A garden hose

-          Duct tape

-          Something to cut the bottle e.g. scissors, craft knife etc.

DIY Sprinkler

Firstly, empty the bottle or use an old 2 litre plastic bottle. Make sure the outside of the bottle is dry so that later on the duct tape will hold securely. After drying the bottle, make small holes or slits in the bottle – this is where the water will spray from so make sure the holes/slits are not too big.

Next, attach the hose pipe to the plastic bottle by forcing it in the entry of the bottle. Then wrap multiple pieces of duct tape around the connection to ensure it is secure. It is very important that the connection is water tight so use lots of duct tape otherwise the force of the water will push the bottle off when the water is turned on.

When all is attached and secure, turn the water on and voila! Your very own garden sprinkler which will be sure to keep children busy with lots of fun in summer.

DIY Glow in the dark bowling

Making your own glow in the dark bowling pins is another great outdoor activity for children in the summer months. You will need:

-          10 glow sticks

-          10 bottles of water (500ml standard bottles are ideal)

-          Pen and paper to keep score

-          A fairly heavy ball to knock pins over (mini basketball or cricket ball is ideal)

DIY Glow In The Dark Bowling

Firstly take your 10 glow sticks and snap to illuminate the glow. Next, empty approximately 3 inches of water from the bottles of water to allow room for the glow sticks to be put inside. Put the glow sticks into the bottles and close the bottles of water with lids and your glow in the dark bowling pins are ready to be used!

Enjoy hours of family or classroom fun taking it in turns to bowl the bottles of water over, make note of scores and enjoy outdoor summer weather!

Sponge Bullseye

An educational and fun outdoor activity for children. Chalk games are always a big hit with children and there are endless outdoor activities you can create with chalk.

You will need:

-          Chalk Sticks

-          Wet Sponges

Sponge Bullseye

Sponge bullseye is great fun for children and helps them with maths whilst enjoying play.

Draw some rings with chalk in the school playground or back garden at home, and determine scores for throwing sponges in different coloured rings prior to the game.

To play, help children add up scores as the game is played to help build their numeracy skills.

At the end of the game, the person with the highest score wins!

Sand and Water Play

Sand and water play encourages sensory development and provides the ideal opportunity for children to explore the benefits of messy play. It helps to improve their co-ordination skills by developing arm and hand muscles.

Sand play helps to promote social skills among early years. When children work together at the sand table they are faced with real problems that require sharing, negotiating and compromising.

Our Sand and Water Play Station is a great addition to any early year’s environment. It’s great for use with sand or on hot days, fill it with water and add some accessories like cups or funnels for added fun for children. 

Sand and Water Play Station

Outdoor Dens

Outdoor dens are a great way for children to engage in imaginative outdoor play. They allow children to create scenes with their imagination, learn how to share and engage in role play with peers. 

Our Indoor Outdoor Slot Together Cosy Den is an ideal outdoor activity accessory to have. The cosy den can be used as either a fun play area or a relaxing reading area for children and is perfect for use both indoors and outdoors. The four panels have different shaped cut outs for access and can be easily assembled by slotting together. This den kit is easy to dismantle when not in use and can be stored flat.

Indoor Outdoor Slot Together Cosy Den is

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