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School Furniture Online

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Early Learning Furniture


30 October 2018

Here at Early Learning Furniture, we sell school furniture online which is primarily aimed at schools, pre-schools, playgroups and nurseries that fall within early years.

Our school furniture range includes a vast selection of products that are designed to fulfil the needs of each area that sits within the educational sector.

These include classroom furniture, classroom storage, school dining furniture, school play equipment, school library furniture, display and presentation equipment, noticeboards and whiteboards – each range including a wide variety of styles to suit each educational setting.

We pride ourselves on selling British UK manufactured products, giving us more control over the quality, lead times and competitive pricing that we then pass on to our customers.

Customer service is everything here at Early Learning Furniture, we pride ourselves on knowledgeable staff who are fully trained in each department to ensure we deliver award-winning customer service to every customer.

We understand that the educational sector is restricted by shrinking budgets which is why we guarantee to provide school furniture of the highest quality with the most competitive pricing we can offer. We promise to deliver our school furniture with industry-leading warranties and a buying experience which is backed by excellent customer service. 

Classroom Furniture

We offer a huge range of classroom tables and classroom chairs, each one designed to ergonomically support children throughout their school days.

Each classroom table is manufactured in the UK with hardwearing laminated table top which is easy to maintain and keep clean.

Our classroom tables are available in a range of different shapes, table top sizes and heights. The heights range from 460mm which is suitable 3-4year olds, to 760mm which is for young adults of 14years and above.

We also supply height-adjustable classroom tables which have the ability to grow and adapt alongside the needs of the classroom. The height adjustable school tables are ideal for classrooms which are used for different aged children.

Safety is of the utmost importance which is why our school tables are fully EN1729 compliant and come with a 5-year warranty.

Our classroom chairs are ergonomically designed to help children sit with the correct posture throughout their school day.

Available in a wide range of styles and colours, our school chairs come in a range of heights from 260mm which is suitable for 3-4year olds up to 460mm which is suitable for 14years upwards.

Our bestselling ST Classroom chairs are available within 7-10 days. Designed to be supportive yet look aesthetically pleasing, the smooth lines provide a clean shaped seat which is comfortable and supportive across all sizes. The anti-tilt design means that children are unable to tilt their seat back maximising the safety in the classroom. 

School Dining Furniture

Our mobile school dining tables are available with 8, 12 or 16 seats in a choice of shapes. The rectangular mobile school dining table is our most popular solution with a range of heights available.

Mobile school dining tables are extremely easy to use and make school lunchtimes easy and hassle-free. They can quickly transform a school hall into a structured and ready to use dining room, but just as quickly they can be packed away, allowing the school hall to be used for other uses.

They feature four locking positions, each position with a specific purpose. The open position features a locking mechanism so that it is safe to use. The easy clean intermediate position allows the table to be very slightly lifted off the floor so that cleaners can easily get beneath them without having to move the complete structure or battle with frame legs. The stow-away position allows users to carefully and safely transport the school dining table to its storage location without the worry of it tipping over. The final position is the closed locking position which stores it in the smallest and most compact form, saving you space.

When folded all tables can fit through a standard height doorway (1980mm) so there is no need to tilt tables to move between areas. This enables conversion of school halls into multi-use areas easily and quickly without heavy lifting. They feature easy glide castor wheels which lock to a directional or rotational position, aiding the easy transportation of the dining tables.

All of our mobile school dining tables are fully FIRA certified which means they are considered to be sufficiently stable and structurally suitable for use in educational establishments.

In addition, to support school’s further we offer a FREE 3D space planning service which creates space plans and bespoke solutions for school dining rooms, cafeterias and canteens, therefore maximising the space and budget available.

Classroom Storage

We offer a vast range of classroom storage solutions with many different styles and options for classroom tray storage.

We understand the need to keep classrooms clutter free and tidy which is why we have developed a range of storage solutions which are perfectly designed for classrooms, cloakrooms, libraries and school offices.

No matter how much space your school has, or what budget is available to you, we have a classroom storage solution to suit. All our school storage units are designed and manufactured in the UK and have a five-year warranty. We deliver each unit fully assembled so there is no need to put together the furniture.

Almost all of our classroom tray storage is supplied with Gratnells trays. Gratnells is the number one choice for the education sector when it comes to storing education equipment.

Available in 17 fun bright colours to brighten up any classroom.

School Library Furniture

Our school library furniture has been designed to encourage reading and creative thinking amongst young children in schools, pre-schools and nurseries.

We have a wide range of kinderboxes, reading corner book storage, library shelving, book spinners and book browsers with fun designs.

Our book storage solutions ensure that books are easily visible and accessible to young children, even when space can be a little tight.

Creating interesting and inspirational reading areas is important and our range of UK manufactured solutions offer fun reading to children of all ages.

We also have a range of mobile kinderboxes and book trolleys which are perfect for sharing between classrooms and school libraries.

Pair with some comfortable soft seating or children’s bean bags to create a cosy reading corner in a classroom or school library.

School Play Equipment

Play is the highest form of learning and must be encouraged in early years to promote healthy development and learning.

We supply a wide range of school play equipment which is designed for use in schools, pre-schools and nurseries.

Our children’s dressing up range includes dressing up trolleys, cupboards and children’s mirrors to encourage children to take part in role play which is often a popular form of play in early years.

Soft play and sensory play encourages interaction, physical activity, teamwork, problem-solving, confidence and co-ordination all within a safe environment.

The imaginative play range features everything from children’s wooden play theatres to trikes, from pushcarts to folding castles. Our best-selling play panels are popular with both schools and nurseries due to their quality and flexibility. Create your own imaginative castle or shop and watch children role play and explore new play opportunities.

Our creative play range offers sand and water play trays and children’s easels which all encourage messy play with a creative and artistic edge.

Noticeboards & Whiteboards For Schools

Whilst noticeboards and whiteboards don’t offer much fun, they most certainly are a necessary component for each and every learning environment.

Typically used in schools, pre-schools and nurseries - whether it is to put up notices to parents and teachers, to display the work of children in a classroom or school hall or to teach phonics to children in the classroom - they are without a doubt the most common and widely used commodity product within the educational sector.

We offer a wide range of noticeboards and whiteboards in many different sizes. We can offer bespoke solutions for an area which falls outside of our standard sizing.

Our flameshield noticeboard range is recommended for use in corridors, escape routes and large unsupervised areas in public buildings and institutions. They fully conform to the British Standard and European Fire Test certificates which are available upon request.

We have a wide range of school furniture online with FREE delivery to mainland UK. If you would like any more information about our school equipment please contact us or call us on 01733 511121.



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