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Rainy Day Activities for Children

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Early Learning Furniture


24 March 2018

Although the summer is slowly reappearing, the wet weather of April showers is still upon us. It always seems a lot harder to keep young children entertained during the wet weather.

Keeping children occupied doesn’t have to stop just because wet breaks are still amongst us. There are a great many things you can do indoors which will not only entertain, but will also help to educate young minds.

Playing encourages and develops children’s literacy, social, communication and coordination skills. When a child participates in physical play they are building up and strengthening their stamina and it also helps to refine their motor skills and balance.

Play also feeds their imagination. This is important for their development throughout school, a healthy imagination will help them through their school life.

Whether you’re at home, school, pre-school or nursery we have a wide range of products that will keep those bored and restless children at bay.

Dressing Up

Children love to play dressing up. Role play has a huge part to play in the development of young children. It helps to develop social skills, and it allows a child to assume the role of another person, improving empathy and communication.

Freestanding Mirror and Dress Up Trolley Kit

Children can play dressing up on their own using their imaginations, or with other children.

Our dressing up play equipment includes a range of trolleys that can hold an array of imaginative costumes. The galaxy dressing up mirror is perfect for children to view their new outfit and character.

The stage school dressing up trolley not only provides storage for those all-important costumes, but it also features a large dry wipe board which is perfect for putting on a complete performance to the class.

Wolds Complete Toddler Play Kitchen


The home corner is a great area where you can encourage play and interaction. Many children can spend a considerable amount of time in the home corner imitating cooking sequences they have seen at home like stirring, filling, emptying, pouring, shaking, mixing and rolling.

A play kitchen is great for group play as children can take it in turns to assume the role of cook, whilst others can be seated at the table placing their requests for lunch.

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Arts & Craft

From a young age most children love colouring, drawing and painting. Creative play is a great way of improving these skills and drawing out a child’s imagination and the possibilities are endless. It helps to develop their hand eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Four Sided Easel

Our Two Sided Easel and Four Sided Easel are perfect for creative play and getting children to work in groups to create artwork. The easels feature chalkboard and whiteboard sides and clips to hold paper in place. They also include paint/pen trays on each side.

We have a wide range of children’s easels which are perfect for bringing out a child’s creative and artistic side. 

Role Play

Role play is an effective learning tool as it encourages children to become active, social and builds on communication skills.  

Role play is great as it promotes and encourages expressive movement and allows children to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. It allows children to dress up and, whilst in character and make decisions based on the role that they are in.

When it comes to imaginative play, our Role Play Panels are a popular choice with children. Our range of play panels can be used to create various scenarios that will keep children playing for hours.

Available in a wide range of individual panels which can be fitted together in a variety of configurations. We also offer pre-selected sets of role play panels including:

  1. Home set – includes a door, window and plain board
  2. Shop set – includes blackboard, counter and double door
  3. Creativity set – includes whiteboard, blackboard and display panel
  4. Lifestyle set – includes garage, post office and double door
  5. Theatre set – includes double door, mirror and theatre panel

The role play panels allow children to act out everyday scenarios and act the role of a working adult such as doctor, shop keeper, actor or teacher. 

We are UK suppliers of educational furniture predominantly for the early years' age groups in primary schools, pre-schools, playgroups and nurseries.

Here at Early Learning Furniture we pride ourselves on offering great value, quality products backed up by a reliable and flexible service.

For more information on any of our early learning products please contact us or call our sales team on 01733 511121.




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