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How to Use Whiteboards and Lapboards Effectively

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Early Learning Furniture


05 May 2017

Here at ELF, we offer a range of classroom lapboards and mini whiteboards which are specially designed for use in primary and secondary schools.

There are many benefits to using these mini writing boards in teacher pupil educational settings.

Apart from being 100% recyclable, they help to considerably reduce paper wastage in schools, helping to improve carbon footprints.

Classroom lapboards have been designed, and proven to help boost interaction and engagement among children, also between children and teachers.

Less confident pupils often find writing boards in a classroom useful as it gives them confidence to interact with others. It helps them to put their ideas forward and take part in group work.

The dry-wipe easy clean surfaces make correcting work easy and mess free, and they can be used time and time again.

Available with a range of surfaces, sizes and pack options. Choose from A3, A4, A5 and 1/3 A4 whiteboards. These handheld whiteboards can either be rigid boards or flexible boards. Available as plain writing boards or you can select a printed surface ranging from lines to grids for guidance with writing.

There are 14 different surface options (depending on pack) - lined, plain, squared, 1-100 grid, X&Y grid, multiplication, time, handwriting, letter/vowels, cursive, pre-cursive, story board, music, chalk.

The plain, squared and lined writing surfaces are ideal for use in any subject and can be used during any interactive learning activity as an alternative to pen and paper. The 1-100 grid, X&Y grid, multiplication and time writing surfaces are suitable for teaching about time or simple maths.

Handwriting, letters/vowels, pre-cursive and cursive surfaces are ideal for helping children perfect their handwriting, vocabulary and literacy skills.

The pre-cursive lined lapboards can be used for simple letter formation and the cursive writing surface when working on joined-up handwriting.

Choose the music writing surface for an interactive way to teach about music sheets and staves.

Available in pack sizes of 30, 35 or 100 (depending on kit) so you are able to provide an entire class with a lapboard.

The show and tell rigid class packs come with 10 x A4 rigid rainbow framed pupil boards, 1 x A3 rigid rainbow framed teacher board and 10 dry-wipe markers. These are all supplied in a tough storage box which comes with a detachable tray and a carry handle for easy use and storage of the class pack.  Available with a magnetic or non-magnetic surface.

Choose the magnetic option and you also get 288 lower case magnetic letters and 288 magnetic numbers.

The show and tell flexible class pack comes with everything you need for 30 pupils. In this pack, there are 30 A4 sized flexible lapboard, 30 1/3 A4 flashcard sized lapboards, 30 dry marker pens and 30 mini whiteboard erasers.

Ideas For Classroom Use

There are many school topics you can use lapboards for. They are great for spicing up normal, less interesting topics and creating more of a buzz and interest with children. 


Using lapboards for the weekly spelling test may help motivate students and generate a little healthy competition among them.

They are great for practicing hand writing, and when used in groups children can create stories together, each with their own section of the story on their lapboard. As a group, they can then tell their story to the rest of the class, showing their boards and their hand writing efforts. For children who are less confident about their writing, drawing pictures on their boards still allows them to tell their part.


Hold a maths quiz in class. Using lapboards for a maths quiz will also help to generate interest in this subject. Children can sometimes struggle with maths so it’s a good idea to make it more interactive, helping children to remember more.

Another option is to put children in to small groups and hold team quizzes. This can work well as the less confident children get the support needed from peers to help them overcome their fear of getting things wrong. 


The music writing surface is great for helping children learn about music sheets and how to read and write music. It can be especially difficult learning to read and write music so these boards are ideal for working together as a group to gain a better understanding. 


Perfect for use in drama or dance lessons. Often drama and dance performances originate from a story. The plain board or story boards are ideal for children to brainstorm and jot their ideas down. The lightweight feature makes them easy to carry and move around with during lessons.

Learning Games

There are numerous games which children can play on these mini whiteboards. Play classroom hangman, or Pictionary. Both games require an element of spelling, working together and thinking. Interactive and fun, these games also have an element of learning and competition.

Here at Early Learning Furniture, we offer a wide range of classroom furnitureschool dining furniture and school play equipment. We include free delivery on all orders placed, and there is an immediate 30-day credit account available for all public-sector organisations.

For more information on any of our Classroom Lapboards or early learning products please contact us or call our sales team on 01733 511121.



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