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How to Make the Most out of Your Soft Play Area

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Early Learning Furniture


09 April 2019

Soft Play is the perfect way to stimulate and improve a whole range of skills during early year’s education and development.

Each child within any given group of children will be at a different stage of their development and will require different things than their peers will to help them grow and improve their understanding of the world.

It can be difficult to cater to so many different personalities when creating something as broad as a soft play area, but there are ways to make sure that every child has the activities and the stimulation they need to succeed.  

Social Skills

Some children struggle a lot more than others in social situations and can find it hard to communicate with other children without feeling intimidated or shy.

Playtime is more often than not the pinnacle of every child’s day, and so encouraging socialising through the medium of soft play is an ideal solution.

By adding Large Floor Cushions or Soft Play Seating, children will have an area to relax and wind down whilst in close proximity to other children. The neutral environment is perfect for bringing little ones together and for fostering new friendships; therefore giving children an opportunity to improve their social skills whilst playing.


Soft Play Building Blocks

Having a big imagination is one of the attributes that will get you far in life; no one ever got anywhere by dreaming small.

In order to build a strong imagination, creativity needs to be encouraged from the very get-go.

Adding simple things like Building Blocks to your soft play area can spark creativity and get children thinking about how to use the blocks and what they want to achieve with them. This is particularly useful for those who might need a bit of help to get their creativity flowing – and it also encourages children to work together and build better relationships with each other too.


Soft Play Tunnel

One of the most common things that affects most children at some point in their lives is a lack of confidence. Being apprehensive to try new things, fearful to explore new places and scared of meeting new people is something that takes a lot to overcome.

A good way to introduce confidence in little ones is by getting them involved in things like soft play. Adding a Soft Play Tunnel to your soft play area is a great way to gently encourage children to go through the tunnel and to see what’s both inside and on the other side.


Soft Play Climbing Set

As children, it’s human nature to tumble and fall until we get the hang of using our limbs and seeing how strong we are.

Some bumps hurt more than others, but by learning to coordinate yourself in a soft and safe area, you are minimising the risk of injury.

Try adding some Climbing Blocks to your soft play area and watch as children climb and clamber over the blocks and develop their coordination and motor skills at the same time.

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