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How to Make a Classroom Wall Display

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02 April 2015

Reasons for having a classroom wall display

Decorating your classroom walls is an absolute must in the early year’s stages. A good classroom display not only stimulates children but it encourages them to learn and excites them about the topic at hand. It enables and encourages children to interact with their environment and a good display can be used an additional teaching tool and learning resource.

Making sure the classroom or learning environment is welcoming and friendly is key to any early years setting. Decorated walls creates a friendly, brighter and more interesting environment which is known to have an effect on children and their enthusiasm to learn.

Display materials can include useful direct teaching aids that enrich or reinforce what subject is being taught. It will simply bring the subject to live.

Wall displays can be used to set the scene for a new topic and will help to gain and stimulate interest from the children. They will generate interest and curiosity before the topic is taught.

They can help greatly with learning as children are able to memorise the display material for example, displaying numbers, letters or other important information such a weather or seasons. It can help to make the teacher more effective and gain greater achievements from the class.

A well thought out learning environment is more likely to have a positive impact and make children want to be there and want to learn.

A stimulating environment makes for a stimulated child - the environment in which a child is in can have a very direct impact of their learning, children who feel more engaged in their learning environment are known to be more receptive.

What not to do

Whilst having colourful and populated classroom walls is important, it is also important to not over do it. Finding the right balance between stimulating and over-stimulating displays can be difficult.

Having a wall display that is crowded and erratic can have an adverse effect on children. It can cause children to be distracted, confused and over-stimulated.  A classroom wall display should be focused, clear and simple but most importantly it should be age appropriate.

Having no wall displays can also have a detrimental effect on learning. Plain walls with little colour can be very unappealing and uninviting and will under stimulate children.

Interesting display ideas

Particularly in the early years, such as foundation stage, KS1 and KS2, it is important to have interaction with the children. Teaching them various tasks, and teaching them to remember these tasks or bites of information.  Some examples of good interactive displays for early years are:

1. Weather – pictures that describe the different types of weather they are learning about such as rainy, windy, sunny, snowy, hot, and cold.

 2. Daily tasks and routines – this can be instruction cards that help to encourage children hang their coats up on the right hook, or to put toys and books away once they have finished using them.

 3. Responsibilities – assign each child with a responsibility such as making sure the reading corner is neat and tidy, or help to set the dinner table ready for lunch time.

 4. Rules – these again can be instructions for children to remember to say please, thank you, hold the door open when someone is coming, or help a friend etc.

 5. Self-register – this can be where the child places a name/photo tag of themselves each time they arrive in the morning and each time they leave for the day. Use Velcro so that the children are able to easily add or remove their name tag when they need to.

 6. Numbers – the numbers that your group is focusing on that month, e.g. 1-10, they can be numbers, or pictures of things such as ten green bottles etc.

 7. Seasons – this can be seasonal images that describe the different seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. It could include the type of clothes you wear during the season or the type of activities you do in those seasons.

 8. Letters – again this will be the letters or sounds you are focusing on,  such as letter A with a picture of an apple and so on.

 9. Performance reporting – this can be a reward chart with stars against a child’s name for doing a task well. Having the rewards on a display can encourage children to strive to achieve and be rewarded. All children love to get a gold star!

10. Children’s work display – There should always be an area for children to display their work as it provides inspiration and a real sense of achievement. Not just this, but all parents love to see their children’s work displayed on walls.

Typical rules for making a display

When thinking about your next classroom wall display try to consider the following things. They will help to create a better displays for you classroom.

1. Do you have a clear and direct topic?

2. Have you picked the right colours?

3. Is it visually stimulating?

4. Do you have enough space for your design?

5. Is the topic age appropriate?

If you can try to consider all the above factors your display will be imaginative, stimulating and will aid you in teaching your class.

Finding the right noticeboard

We offer a wide range of school notice boardsall available in a range of sizes, colours and frame options.

Our Unframed Noticeboards are ideal for school classrooms and school halls. As they have no frame they can be mounted right next to each other to create a large wall display area. These are great as you don’t have any frame restrictions, meaning you can mount large themed displays.

Our Aluminium Frame Noticeboards have a more modern appeal to them. They have rounded edges and concealed fixings for safety, which is great for children’s learning environments. Ideal for art projects or large classroom themes.

We also offer a range of Flameshield Noticeboards which are primarily used in school corridors or in any escape routes. These are ideal for all educational environments and are fully compliant to fire retardant standard Class 0. We advise that you check if your display area requires a Flameshield noticeboard.

Our Mobile Noticeboards are great for school presentations, they come in a range of sizes and have wheels so are portable. The locking castor wheels lock into place once int he right position. These are ideal for show and tell themed classes, or even for parents' evenings.

Making a school classroom display should be fun for all. It is important that you involve the children not only in the initial thought process but also in the making of it.  Children are creative and hold a whole world of unique untapped ideas - don’t be fooled into thinking that an adult can create something better.

If you need any advice or any assistance in choosing the right noticeboard for your display requirements, contact us or call us on 01733 511121.

Ordering online couldn’t be easier but if you require something bespoke call us and can provide you with a quotation.

We offer free delivery on all orders placed, and there is an immediate 30 day credit account available to all public sector schools.

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