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How to Enjoy the Sun Safely

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Early Learning Furniture


29 May 2018

After what seemed like an eternity of winter and a rather dismal spring, summer is finally creeping up on us. Along with warm weather and blue skies, summer also brings the risk of skin damage. Most of us think putting a bit of factor 50 sun cream on our children will be enough, but it’s not.

Skin is the largest organ that humans have, and it’s really important that we look after it throughout our lives. Mistreating it in your youth could come back to bite you in decades to come, which is why it’s even more important to drum good skincare into your children from as early as possible.

Sun cream
We all know that applying sun cream is of paramount importance to avoid burning, but it needs to be applied continuously throughout the day, even if it’s not overly sunny. It is thought that 80% of the sun’s UV rays can pass through clouds, meaning it is definitely possible to get a nasty sunburn on an overcast day. Always aim to buy the highest factor of sun cream and apply it every hour or so for maximum protection.

After sun
In the unfortunate event that your or your child does burn, it is always wise to apply plenty of after sun and moisturise to ease the tightness of the skin and relieve the discomfort.

The biggest threat from the sun comes in the form of UV rays, and these rays can cause lots of damage. Sun cream will help fend the rays off of the skin, but our eyes also need protection. A good pair of sunglasses will do the trick. Little ones have much more sensitive skin than adults, so ensuring they wear a sun hat to protect their face and neck is vital.

Avoid midday
The sun is at its highest and most powerful from midday into the afternoon, so it’s wise to take heed from the Spanish and try and stay indoors during this part of the day where possible.

Cold water
Most of us are tempted by cold water and icy items when it’s really warm outside, but this isn’t always a good idea. Sudden exposure to cold water can have adverse health effects as the body attempts to adjust to the extreme change. This can be fatal in extreme cases. As much as your child may beg you to jump in a really cold paddling pool, it’s best to avoid and stick to warm water instead. Use fans, shade and lighter clothes to regulate body temperature instead.

We know that you don’t want to be told how to suck eggs, so we’re going to keep this one brief. We dehydrate faster in the summer thanks to our bodies sweating, so keeping fluids up really is of utmost importance. Likewise, be cautious of over-hydration. Yes, it is a thing and yes, it’s just as unpleasant as dehydration.

We are big believers in enjoying the outdoors and we encourage you to get your children outside as much as possible, but we also want to make sure they’re safe. By taking note of these simple tips and tricks, we’re sure your little ones will have a blast in the sunshine without damaging their skin.

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