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Halloween Craft Ideas

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Early Learning Furniture


16 October 2017

Halloween Craft Ideas

Celebrations for Halloween, on 31 October, seem to get bigger and bigger each year with more and more people wanting to take part in trick or treating and using the occasion to dress up.

At Early Learning Furniture we have come up with some spooky craft ideas to help you enjoy Halloween. They are also great ideas for keeping little ones busy during half term.

Pumpkin Carving

The old favourite of carving out a pumpkin has been a Halloween tradition for years. It’s so easy to do and the kids will enjoy the mess of doing it! Simply find a pumpkin, the size of your choice. Cut an opening in the top around the stalk – this needs to be big enough to fit your hand in so you can easily hollow out the inside. Keep the bit you cut out as this will be your lid. Scoop out the seeds and flesh from inside the pumpkin (this is the messy bit!) until the walls are about 2cm thick. Now you can carve your design into the walls of the pumpkin. You will need a sharp knife so make sure an adult does this bit. You can choose any design you like and it can be easier to carve if you draw the design on the pumpkin first. Once you have your spooky design, put a tea light or fairy lights inside and put the lid on to create a spooky glow.

Want to know what else to do with a pumpkin? See our article for 10 things to do with a pumpkin.

Pipe Cleaner Spiders

These are so easy to make and all you need are some black pipe cleaners and a pair of scissors. Curl one pipe cleaner up to create the body. Cut another pipe cleaner into pieces for legs – these can be the length of your choice. Then simply twist each leg around the edge of the body. You can then bend the legs if you want or add stickers for eyes. You could also tie a bit of string or wool through the middle to hang them up and scare people when they enter a room!

Paper Plate Pumpkins

Another easy one … you will need paper plates, scissors, orange paint, black and green paper or card and glue. Paint the paper plate orange and leave to dry. If you can buy orange paper plates – even better as you won’t need to paint them. Cut out eye, nose and mouth shapes from the black card and stick on to create the pumpkin’s face. Cut out a stalk shape from the green card and glue to the top of the plate to finish your pumpkin.

You can also make other Halloween-themed paper plate decorations – why not paint the plate black and add card wings to the sides to make a bat? Or glue strips of white crepe paper to the bottom of a white plate, draw on eyes and you have a ghost.

Ghostly Meringues

An easy treat to make for any Halloween party. All you need is large white marshmallows, mini meringues, butter icing or water icing and mini sweets or a black edible food colouring pen to decorate. Use one marshmallow as the base of the ghost. Add a thin layer of icing to the top and stick a mini meringue on top. Use icing to stick on mini sweets, such as mini smarties, for eyes, or draw eyes on using a black edible food colouring pen.

Paper Chains

Another easy decoration to make – paper chains. You will need black and orange paper, scissors, glue or sticky tape. Simply cut the paper into strips which are the same size. You can make them as long or as wide as you wish, you just need to make sure they are long enough to make a loop and for another strip to loop through it. Loop one strip of black paper to make a circle and glue or tape the ends together – this is your first chain link. Put one end of an orange strip of paper through the black loop, loop the orange paper around and join the ends together. Continue this process, alternating the colours each time, until you have a paper chain the length you require. You don’t have to use orange and black paper – you can use any colour you like, purple and green are also quite good Halloween colours.

Ghostly Handprint Card

To send Halloween greetings to family and friends why not make a spooky ghost card with the ghost made out of your child’s hand print? You will need a piece of black A4 card, white paper, white poster paint, glue and a black pen. Fold the card in half. Paint your child’s hand with the white paint and print their hand onto the card – their hand needs to have their fingers spread out and pointing towards the bottom of the card. This should create a ghostly shape. Once the paint is dry, draw eyes and a mouth onto your ghost. Open the card and stick a piece of white paper inside so you can write you Halloween message.

We hope you found these Halloween craft ideas helpful. What kind of things do you do for Halloween?  Let us know via our Facebook page or Twitter feed.

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