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Father's Day Craft Ideas

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Early Learning Furniture


13 June 2016

At Early Learning Furniture we have a set of free Father’s Day resources that are great for teaching children about Father’s Day and for children to complete as gifts for their fathers. See our full range of free resources.

Father’s Day as an observance, officially began in 1910 in Spokane, Washington. Senora Dodd proposed it to honour her father, who had raised her after her mother died in childbirth.

Father’s Day continued to grow and be celebrated by more and more people, until it gained national-event status in 1924 under President Calvin Coolidge. 

From here the movement continued to grow and in 1966 President Lyndon B. Johnson proclaimed the third Sunday of June to be Father’s Day. 

Father's Day Free Resources

Here are a few of our favourite Father’s Day craft ideas for kids.

Coloured Paper

Spinning Card

Materials needed:coloured paper, scissors, ruler, glue, photo, string.


  1. Cut out a sheet of the coloured paper to a width that’s divisible be three. We suggest 30 cm wide and 17.5cm high. Use your ruler to divide the width into three equal parts; fold the paper at these points and then unfold. Fold the left flap over the middle and then fold both in half. Draw a half circle or square over the outer fold and cut it out, cutting through all the layers.
  2. Trim the cut-outs down do they are a bit smaller than the hole in the card and lay one on a photo of your choice. Trace around it and then cut out the photo. Glue the photo onto the cut-out.
  3. Glue the string between the photo and the other cut-out. Place the string in the fold of the middle flap, positioning your photo in the hole you cut out earlier. Glue the left flap to the middle, trapping the string inside and then trim the string.

Finished! You should now have a colourful card with a photo that twirls on a string. All that’s left to do is to write a special message in the card.

Beaded Keychain with a Message

Materials needed: Alphabet beads, decorative beads, hemp or jewellery cord, keychain.


  1. Start by tying a double or triple knot at one of the jewellery cord to stop the beads from falling off. Before adding beads figure out what you want the message to be and what order everything needs to go in.
  2. Start stringing the beads starting with your decorative beads. Then start adding the beads for your message.
  3. Tie a knot after all of the beads have been attached to the jewellery cord, tie this as close as you can to the final bead in order to keep the beads close together. Double or triple tie this to secure it.
  4. Finally, tie the cord at end with the start of the message to the keychain. Again, knot this several times for security. You can now trim off any excess cord.

Dads will love this custom beaded keychain that they can attach to their keys!

Customised Desk Organiser

Materials needed: 3 clean food cans, metal paint, sponge brushes, gloves (optional), coloured rubber bands, metal rimmed tags, crayons, small binder clips.

  1. Firstly, paint the three aluminium cans with the metal paint and set them aside to dry. You can wear gloves at this point to stay clean while painting.
  2. Stretch your coloured rubber bands over the cans. You can create any pattern you want here, try crossing them over or following the grooves of the can.
  3. Depending on how many cans you are making, write one letter on each of the tags. For example, if you have three cans you could write “Dad”. Loop a rubber band through the hole in the tags and wrap it around the can. Use the small binder clips to attach the cans together.

These are a great gift for dads as they can keep them on their desks at home or at work as a keepsake.

Customised Socks

Materials needed: Socks (Not ribbed), 3D fabric paint

  1. This is an easy one. All you have to do is get a new pair of plain socks (black work best!) and use the 3D fabric paint to draw any designs you want on them. You can make them Father’s Day related or maybe draw some of your dad’s favourite hobbies!

We wish all dads a Happy Father’s Day and we hope these craft ideas provide some inspiration for homemade gifts!

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