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Encouraging Creativity in the Classroom

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Early Learning Furniture


26 February 2018

Creativity is a vital ingredient in a child’s personality, it is the heart and soul of their ideas and it inspires them to uncover their potential for greatness. Their creativeness could be the key to their success, all you need to do is help them find it, give them guidance and a small push in the right direction.

Here are some ways you can do this:

The Classroom Environment

The environment has a huge impact on the way that people feel, it has a hidden connection. For example if you are in a dull, dark room with no colour you are less likely to be inspired to be creative. Though colours aren’t the only thing that has an impact on the environment, the furniture does too. In order to unlock a child’s potential they must feel comfortable, they should feel as though they are in their comfort zone.

At Early Learning Furniture we provide and extensive range of classroom furniture designed for primary schools, pre-schools and nurseries. Our early years furniture includes classroom tables and chairs, school storage and classroom trays. All of our furniture for schools is made in the UK and we offer free delivery on all of our products. These products have a unique and creative feel towards them and will have an impact on creating a creative learning environment for your classroom.

The child’s confidence has an impact on the way they will act in the classroom and around you, if they feel shy and afraid of talking to you or even anyone then they won’t open up their potential to be creative. They need to feel important, although they are young they are still people and need to feel as though they mean something. Gaining trust and getting involved with the students is the most important thing to creating a creative environment as they will feel more comfortable. Here are some of the ways you can get more involved with the students:

  • Remember all their names, if you don’t know their names it will make them think that you don’t really care.
  • Make time to play short interactive learning games, these are always fun and children will like you more because they will remember that you teach them in a fun creative way, they will probably learn more as they are having fun too.
  • Talk to the students, learn about their interests and discover their personalities, the better you know them the easier it will be to help them be more creative.

Encourage Opportunities

Encouraging opportunities will enable children to take risks and make decisions which is character building. Creative opportunities for students to show their skills and talents so that you can help them develop into potential. Risk taking enables you to understand the students thinking process and will benefit them in the future,

You could host activities or trips that require them to think, such as a treasure hunt or a maze. Observe how they respond and see how motivation can encourage their thinking process, suggest prizes for the winners, this will make the children more determined to win and they might think differently and more rapidly. Also try to encourage the students to try new things and take more risks like making new friends, speaking up and making their voices heard and answering questions with confidence, all of these small things could help develop their personality and characteristics. Maybe also talking to other teachers and seeing how they act around the students and how they teach them to show their creative side.

Make sure that you remind the students that everyone makes mistakes and when you take risks there is a chance it won’t work out, if they get a question wrong make sure they don’t feel embarrassed or get upset, let them know that it is okay to be wrong.

Creative Activities

Regularly doing creative activities will naturally make a student’s creative side appear, they are doing something which involves using your imagination and skills then they will start to get used to it.  Simple activities like painting, drawing and crafting all have a massive impact, it is a chance for the children to show themselves in their own way and create something of their own.

We offer a range of Junior Easels which allow children to show off their creativity as well as whiteboards and lapboards which encourage group activity and interaction, this allows children to draw from each other’s creativity.

Here is a list of creative games you can play with your students:

  • Pictionary – Someone thinks of something and has to draw it, the rest of the class has to guess what that person is drawing.
  • Crafting Butterflies – Everyone has to craft their own butterflies, they have to find their own materials and everyone gets to take home their butterflies at the end of the day.
  • Blind Portraits - Everyone works in pairs and they have to paint of picture of their partners, at the end of the game the painting that looks most alike wins.

Early Learning Furniture also provides a range of Display and Presentation furniture especially for early years, primary schools, pre-schools and nurseries. Display boards are great for showcasing your classes’ artwork and projects. We offer an immediate 30 Day Credit to public sector organisations

For more information please contact us or call us on 01733 511151. Alternatively you can contact us via Twitter or Facebook.



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