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Craft Ideas for St. Valentines Day

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Early Learning Furniture


05 February 2015

St. Valentine’s Day started as a festival that was celebrated in Rome around mid-February each year. In the late 400s Pope Gelasius officially declared it as a day for honouring St Valentine. During the 1600s St. Valentine’s Day took off in Europe when the day became associated with love and romance.  The first mass-produced Valentines were sold in the 1840s.

Did you know? In some parts of the world it is tradition for a child to take a small Valentine’s Day card or gift in for every child in their class...!!

This special day is a perfect time to get children involved in doing something creative – after all there’s nothing better than getting a little something made by someone you love. Using everyday materials it is easy to make a variety of gifts for your loved ones.

Here are some ideas of things to make:

  • St Valentine’s Day card – this is a really nice touch and it is suitable for all ages. Your design can be anything from thumb-print hearts to a bunch of flowers.
  • Paper flowers – better than the real thing and will last forever
  • Chocolate heart-shaped lollipop – yummy and creative, this one probably won’t last long!
  • Cupcakes –decorate with icing love hearts
  • Valentine’s scrap book – fill a paper book with lots of pictures of you and your chosen Valentine.  Add in sweet messages and lots of hearts for your loved one, this really will make them smile.
  • Salt dough hearts – use biscuit cutters to cut out shapes in salt dough, bake and decorate. Before baking you could make a hole in the top to thread ribbon through and make hanging decorations or necklaces  
  • Valentine’s party hat – celebrate in style with a heart covered party hat.
  • Valentine’s coupon jar – add Valentine’s coupons into a jar as a gift. When your chosen Valentine picks a coupon they will receive a hug, a kiss, a cup of tea, breakfast in bed etc.  
  • Heart shaped bookmarks – make heart shape bookmarks for your favourite person and cover it with kisses.
  • Heart shaped fan – cool down with this heart shaped fan idea.  You’ll definitely need one of these if you receive any of the above gifts!

Arts and craft time can be messy – try organising it with one of our tub folding tables. With easy clean surfaces and plastic tubs with lids that are recessed in the table, these tables are great to use for arts and craft in nurseries, pre-schools and primary schools.

We would love to hear what arts and craft projects you have enjoyed for St. Valentine’s Day this year – visit us on Facebook and post us your creative pictures:

Have fun on St. Valentine’s Day!



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