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Classroom Technology to Benefit Learning

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Early Learning Furniture


26 May 2017

Technology is becoming more and more predominant in classrooms and the use of computers, mobile devices and the internet is a part of everyday school life.

Tablets are replacing textbooks and you can now research just about anything on the internet.

The impact that technology has on schools today is huge and it has changed the way children learn and teachers teach. Teachers are now learning how to teach with the use of tablet, iPads, smart boards and cameras, while children are using advanced technology to shape the way they learn.

By integrating the use of technology in schools, we are setting up children for a successful life outside of school. Life after school will include a wide range of digital technology that is required for work and everyday life so it is important to prepare them.

Technology can offer a diverse range of learning styles which benefits all children, from pre-school to secondary school.

So what are the benefits of technology in schools?

Makes Learning Fun

Technology can make learning more fun and interesting. Many children prefer using technology to traditional pen and paper as it’s more interactive.

A wide range of educational apps are available for just about any age range, skill level and subject. The use of tablet devices from a young age can help children to become better problem solvers and better practical thinkers.

children can use technology to record their learning at home which makes it easier to share in school time. Homework for children can be a bit of a drag, so introducing technology-based homework is a great way to boost interest and excitement for it.

More Accessible Information

Whilst books and libraries still have a huge part to play in education, children now have access to a wider selection of information to help with their studies.

Schools can save a lot of space and money now that information can be so easily accessed. In addition, children don’t have the burden of carting around bags of heavy text books, or the excuse of forgetting them in lesson time.

It means that there are fewer restrictions when it comes to being able to find information, and makes it easier to find when you are on the move.

Children can enjoy a diverse range of education material such as images, videos, graphics and websites which all contribute to their academic learning.

Greater Interaction

Technology based learning is ideal for group learning activities as it encourages collaboration. It helps with interaction among children and between children and teachers.

You can interact and share thoughts, answers and work via online platforms, apps and presentations. It gives students the opportunity to produce creative work that they are proud to share in front of peers.

It also helps children to learn at their own pace without the worry and stress of keeping up with others.

Teaches About Safety

With the click of a button children have access to online material, and can widely search the internet. it is a responsibility for teachers to educate children about the importance of staying safe while online.

Whilst social media isn’t a subject of learning, many children these days have their own social media accounts, even from a young age.

It’s important that both teachers, and parents help teach children about the dangers that come with surfing the web. 

We offer a selection of computer workstations and computer storage trolleys which are ideal for use in schools, pre-schools and nurseries.

All come in a beech finish with a choice of three frame colours – red, blue or light grey. Computer trolleys are ideal for schools as they can be moved between classrooms and study areas depending on where the computer is required.

Each trolley will hold all computer equipment needed with space for additional storage and workspace.

The single and double tiered workstation is supplied with a 4-gang power socket so finding a spot for work is easy and hassle free. Available in 6 different height settings which can accommodate all age ranges.

The large workstation can hold two computers side by side and includes a 4-gang power socket for powering computers. It features a large top shelf with space for more than one computer and a sliding keyboard shelf which can again comfortably hold two keyboards, there is also a fixed bottom shelf for additional AV storage.

Here at Early Learning Furniture we offer a wide range of classroom furniture, school library furniture, school play equipment. For more information about our computer trolleys or any of our other school equipment, contact us or call us on 01733 511121.



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