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Classroom Storage Solutions

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Early Learning Furniture


02 October 2017

Classroom storage is becoming ever more important in schools today, with class sizes increasing and space being at a premium, you’re going to have to be creative with your storage solutions.

Classroom storage doesn’t have to be bland plastic boxes, your classroom layout and furniture should reflect the lessons you teach. Within early years education classroom design is important and space, colour schemes and decorated walls can have a huge effect of the learning abilities on your class.

You may think storage isn’t that important but in fact it is quite the opposite. Having storage in your classroom is a must, and if you have to have storage you need to make sure it is space saving, doesn’t get in the way, is easy to use and most of all is visually appealing.

Many advantages come with having the right classroom layout, including classroom storage.

At Early Learning Furniture we are specialists in classroom furniture for early years education and we can help you brighten up your classroom and get organised.

We stock a wide range of useful, colourful and themed storage solutions for your school.

Storage Trays

Storage trays are an excellent way to provide your pupils with a personal space to store all their belongings. They provide an individual coloured tray that each child will use to store their belongings for the term. A space of their own gives children a sense of belonging and will make a young child feel settled within a new learning environment.

As an added extra at the start of the year you could even let them decorate their own name tag for their trays – storage doesn’t have to be boring, so make it fun.

We offer a range of storage tray units ranging from 6 to 48 trays, each one in a choice of colours. Our most popular mobile tray storage unit is the Bubblegum Variety Storage Unit. It comes with a choice of five tray colours or you can choose multi-coloured, which is ideal if your class is divided into groups or houses so children belonging to a certain group or house can have the same colour tray. The storage unit has locking castor wheels so it can be mobile or static.

Think about the colour scheme of your classroom and how the colour of your tray storage can complement it. Bright colours will help to create a fun and interesting learning environment for your class, which has been proven to have positive effects on learning.  

Art & Puzzle Box Storage

These two storage options are visually stimulating to a class of young children due to the bright colours available as well as being perfect for storing equipment.

The Art Storage Unit has dedicated space for paints, brushes, non-spill water pots and paper trays up to A3 size. Ideal for early years as it provides organisation to art and craft time.

Puzzles are always a big hit in early years’ education and an excellent learning tool. Our Puzzle Box Storage Unit has trays which mean you can store partially finished jigsaws for completion later on.

These are strong and robust cupboards which are ideal for classrooms. They have options for both unit and tray colours as well as the option to add castor feet to make them mobile.

These storage units are extremely useful and will add more than just colour to your classroom.


A Kinderbox is primarily used for book storage and is perfect for use in school libraries or in a small reading corner for classrooms. Our Kinderboxes are available in a range of 12 colours.

Story and picture books as a key part of a child’s learning. Kinderboxes are great book storage solutions, not only can you neatly store picture books but they are colourful and add vibrancy to your classroom. Providing your class with a dedicated reading corner with ideal book storage will help make story time fun and relaxed.

Kinderbox chairs are also available in various configurations and give the children a comfortable and colourful place to sit while they read their books.

Our Learning Bug Book Storage and Display Unit is a really fun and useful combination of kinderboxes, reading tables and reading easels which will help encourage independent reading.  

Book Browsers and Spinners

If you’re looking to really spruce up your school classroom or library area then we have a range of book browsers which offer storage solutions with an element of fun added to the mix.

Our animal-themed book browsers such as the Elephant book browser and the Crocodile book browser promote a fun learning environment that nursery and primary school children will be eager to get involved with. After all, what child wouldn’t like to sit in a crocodile whilst reading a book??

We also provide book spinners which are ideal for use in libraries and reception areas and allow for a large amount of books or DVDs to be stored with a relatively small footprint. If space is limited in your school then book spinners offer space saving book management that still allows easy access to books for children.

Early Learning Furniture offers a wide range of classroom furniture and storage solutions – take a look at Early Learning Furniture for some ideas for your classroom. For more information contact us or call 01733 511121.



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