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Benefits of Arts & Crafts in Early Education

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Early Learning Furniture


01 October 2017

Getting children involved in arts and crafts activities is an integral part of early education. These activities provide a range of benefits to children that will prove invaluable throughout their lives. Arts & crafts activities don’t just include drawing and painting, they can also be making music, role playing and many more.

The human brain is split into two sections – the left side of the brain, and the right side of the brain. The left brain is mainly used in logical and analytical tasks such as maths and science while the right brain is used for emotional and creative tasks. Educational environments can neglect to provide activities that help to improve the right brain – this is where art and crafts activities come in.

Some of the specific skills that art activities help to improve include hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and patience, as well as also benefitting children’s self-esteem and social skills.

At Early Learning Furniture we offer a range of products that help to promote arts and crafts activities in nurseries, pre-schools, schools and at home. Here are some of our favourites:

Four Sided Easel

The four-sided easel is perfect for allowing children to participate in art activities as a group. The easel features two dry wipe whiteboard sides and two chalk board sides, providing children with a choice between the two. The whiteboard sides are suitable for use with either dry-wipe pens or water based paints.

The whiteboard sides of the easel also feature two sturdy metal clips which can be used to hold paper, this allows children to take their artwork away with them. When not in use the four sided easel can be folded for easy storage and transportation.

Bubblegum Art Cupboard

The Bubblegum Art Cupboard is a fantastic storage unit for all of your classroom’s art supplies. The cupboard features four shelves on each door which are ideal for storing paints, brushes, pens and other small art supplies.

Also included are four deep trays and eight shallow trays in a mixture of vibrant colours, including lime, cyan, tangerine and pink. The interior of the cupboard also features a fixed shelf and six adjustable shelves which are perfect for paper storage or for drying completed artwork.

The Bubblegum Art Cupboard is built to last in a busy classroom environment. Designed and manufactured in the UK using durable, 18mm MFC. The cupboard is delivered fully assembled and features castor feet for easy transportation.

SeaWeenies Water Tray & Toy Pack

The SeaWeenies water and sand tray is perfect for encouraging group creative play in the classroom, allowing children to use their imaginations when playing with either sand or water.

The trays are designed in a shape that allows them to sit side-by-side, this is an ideal feature that enables large groups of children to work together and improve their social and group work skills. 

The SeaWeenies tray is manufactured in the UK using ABS plastic, with a fully welded yellow steel frame. The frame features two lockable castor feet at one end to allow for easy transportation and storage when not in use.

The SeaWeenies Toy Pack includes Stella the Starfish water wheel, Ollie the wobbly Octopus, Toby the tippy Turtle and the Finn family fishing set. These toys help to teach various different skills such as mathematics, weights and balance.

Children’s Folding Shop & Theatre

Theatre & role playing activities are an excellent way of improving children’s creativity, self-esteem and confidence. The folding shop and puppet theatre is designed to allow children to host their own shows and plays to an audience of their friends and classmates.

The shop & theatre features either blackboards or whiteboards depending on the colour chosen, this allows the unit to be used as a bank, café, post office and many more, simply by changing the name on the boards.

The children’s shop and theatre is manufactured sustainably in the UK using durable melamine board which is also easy to clean – an ideal feature for school and nursery use. Delivered flat packed for easy assembly, the unit can also be easily folded away after use for tidy storage.

Galaxy Children’s Dressing Up Station

The Galaxy Children’s Dressing Up Station features plenty of hanging space for fancy dress outfits, as well as a spacious storage box below for props. This is an ideal piece of role play and dress up furniture for schools, pre-schools, nurseries and the home.

The station features two lockable castors on one side of the unit for easy transportation between classrooms and storage when not in use. The dressing up station is manufactured sustainably in the UK using durable and easy to clean melamine board.

For safety the unit features rounded corners, tactile edges and is sealed with a child-friendly, water based lacquer. A plastic safety mirror is fixed to the side of the dressing up station which allows the children to see what their outfits look like.

At Early Learning Furniture we provide an extensive range of classroom furniture designed for primary schools, pre-schools and nurseries. Our early years’ furniture includes classroom tablesand chairsschool classroom storage, and school dining furniture.

All of our school furniture is made in the UK and we offer free delivery on all of our products.



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