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4 Easy Classroom Solutions to Gain Maximum Space

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Early Learning Furniture


05 February 2018

Classroom sizes are increasing and space available is decreasing, so optimising space is more important than ever. Some of our products can provide a creative and innovative way to improve storage solutions.

Whether you are a teacher, parent or carer you are aware of the mess that a child can create.

At 3pm on a weekday a classroom will have one corner filled with building blocks and a second corner that may have been taken over by forts or perhaps even a stash of toys and books thrown into the middle of the room. This is a teacher’s everyday experience where they are picking up toys.

Perhaps gathering a few different storage solutions to make children enjoy tidying up at the end of the day as a team can help streamline the tidying up process.

Library Book Trolley

We have a library book storage case that is designed to hold books and for them to still be in an organised space. A book trolley enables you to keep all books in one place so that when it comes to reading hour the perfect book can always be found.

Rather than having a group of children reading across the room, you could create a classroom reading corner. Why not create a classroom library? Some of our library book trolley’s even come double sided, allowing you to store more books! Keeping a classroom organised will enable you to have more space for fun and games.

This does not only have to apply to school teachers, this can even apply to a parent that is seeking a more organise reading corner at home. A library book trolley enables a child to feel accomplished in keeping their room tidy, by themselves.

When ever a child has successfully completed a challenge, even if it is cleaning their room you can always see their eyes gleam with happiness when they are letting you know.

‘Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed’ – Maria Montessori

Classroom Tray Storage 

Variety tray classroom storage units are perfect for classroom environments as they have shallow and deep trays to put away any work from that day leaving desk and floor space tidy for the next day.

There are many ways of using this, for example the shallow trays can easily be used for adding a child’s name to the front of it and using it to put away scribbles that they just could not bare to part with. The extra deep trays can be used to hide away the classroom toys and building blocks.

Our Classroom tray storage solutions are perfect for decluttering your space, whether you are a parent or teacher. I’m sure that your child has plenty of cuddly toys whether they are ones that are snugged up under the duvet or in the corner by the wardrobe they still have a tendency of making the room look a little smaller. The extra deep trays can easily give you the chance to teach your child where their toys should be kept once they have finished with them.

When in school, having a tray to personalise made you feel special. That feeling of having a place to stash your sticker collection was the dream. Not only this, you can enable the classroom to be sticker free across the walls. Having a place to put the books, work, pens and pencils helps to declutter the desks.

The layout and personalisation of a classroom plays a huge part in creating the perfect learning environment. Having school furniture that allows you to declutter and organise the room is crucial.

Folding Tables

Now, obviously running around making animal noises is a child’s forte, however the classroom may not be the safest place to do so. Chairs and tables are easily walked into when children aren’t looking. However, having a folding table enables you to store them out of the way creating a safer play environment for children to have fun.

Not only this, when playing with Lego, I’m sure as a parent or teacher you have felt the struggle of being on the floor spending twenty minutes picking up the fallen Lego pieces. A selection of our folding tables come with built in storage boxes for toys and craft supplies.

‘Time Spent Playing with Children is Never Wasted’ – Dawn Lantero

Dressing Up Cupboard 

You know those princess dresses and knight costumes that are cluttering the cloakroom?

We have dressing up cupboards that not only come with a mirror so that ‘Princess Belle’ and ‘The Beast’ can check themselves out but also a double layer of hanging storage for all of the other costumes and accessories. All the shoes, bracelets, helmets and aprons can finally have a home, whether that be within the trays that are included within the cupboard or hung up on the rails.

‘A Child Is an Uncut Diamond’ -Austin O’Malley

Our products are built to last and provide perfect solution for maximising space both in the classroom or at home.


At Early Learning Furniture we provide an extensive range of classroom furniture designed for primary schools, pre-schools and nurseries. Our early years’ furniture includes classroom tablesand chairs, school classroom storage and classroom trays.

All of our furniture for schools is made in the UK and we offer free delivery on all of our products.



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