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10 Free Things to do in the Summer

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Early Learning Furniture


07 July 2015

There are many fun things to do in the Summer Holidays, whether it’s splashing around in a refreshing paddling pool or inviting your friends round for an unforgettable play date, all these things will make your summer one you will never forget…

While the weather is amazing outside why not enjoy it while you can. Use your imagination and transform into a mystical mermaid splashing around in the pool, get your flippers and use them as your tail and grab your snorkels so you will be able to breath underwater! Why not create the scene and gather some seashells, you could even create a fun game by throwing them into the pool and using your mermaid swimming skills to collect them.

You could also go on an adventure at the beach, there are many things to explore and secrets to unfold if you just use your imagination, you could be or do anything your mind can think of, grab an eye patch or make one from fabric and string, and a telescope and you could be a pirate on the lookout for unwanted pirate ships and sea creatures or what about building a magnificent sand castle with a the castle from land and making a bridge to cross. Here is a link to a website that locates your local beach and parks and other family attractions: (http://www.dayoutwiththekids.co.uk/). 

If there isn’t a local beach nearby then why not make one in your own garden, just for you. To do this you will need sand (maybe you could use your sand pit) and water. But make sure to separate the water from the sand (so you don’t just make damp sand) you could try to separate the sand from the water by using a plastic tub or bucket and keeping the water in that, rather than tipping it into the sand.

How about going to the park with friends and family. You could even fly a kite and watch the magic of the wind make your kite glide! And you know you can’t resist playing on the swings and the slide with your friends running around, enjoying the time as it flies by. While you are there why not have a family picnic? Sandwiches, snacks, fruit, cool drinks and a basket with a picnic blanket could be all you need to make your fun family day out a day you will remember. 

If you are at home, bored and can't think of anything to do then what about making bubbles, and transforming your garden into a whole new world. All you need to make the mix is; 1 and a half cups of water, 3/4 cup of dishwashing liquid, 3 tsp glycerine (but you can do it without this). Then mix together to create your bubble mixture, then all you need is a wand and there you go.

Another thing you could do is have a water fight! This is great fun when you are with your friends, it is also very refreshing if you are getting very hot in the sun. If you don’t have water balloons or water guns then you could use your garden hose or even just buckets of water, or empty bottles and fill them with water, but you will get very wet so make sure to wear old clothes, a swimming costume or trunks. You could also play in the sprinklers and run through it, like you are running through the rain, this is also very refreshing and fun too.

If you have a good imagination you could get toy cars and host a toy car wash, line them up, and set up your car wash, have a bucket of water with a sponge and soap at the ready and clean them till they are spotless! You could create a popular, successful business and maybe your friends could help too!

There are also many fun games your children can play with their friends such as:

  • Tag / It / Tig (Involves more than 1 players, if you are ‘It’ you have to tag or touch other players with your hand and once they are tagged then you shout “You’re it!” then the person tagged becomes ‘It’)
  • Hide and Seek (Involves 2 or more players, one player is the seeker and the others are hiders, they have to hide and the seeker has to find them and once you are found then you help the seeker, the last person found wins)
  • I Spy (Involves 2 or more players, one player thinks of something they can see and then says “I spy with my little eye something beginning with…” then they say the first letter of the thing they are thinking of and the other players have to guess what the thing is, then the person who guesses correctly thinks of the thing next)
  • Dragon Tail (Involves more than 1 players, half wear a piece of fabric hanging out of the top of their bottoms or top these represent the dragons tails and the other half have to chase them and  steal  their tails, the last person with a tail wins and also the person who has stolen the most tails win)
  • Chinese Whispers (Involves more than 1 players, one person whispers something into the next person’s ear, and that person has to whisper it on to the next person, passing it through the group, but one person may change it slightly and the last person who hears the whisper has to shout it out, and see if it is the same as the original whisper)

Another fun thing you can do is play with indoor play equipment and toys, this is great fun and will entertain children for hours on end! Check out our indoor play equipment at Early Learning Furniture, we have a range of early years' play equipment including a play bus, train and galleon. This fun equipment is great for encouraging group and imaginative play. This play equipment is strong, robust and made in the UK.

All these activities and many more bring excitement and fun into your summer so when you go back to school you can tell everyone what an amazing time you had! 

Unfortunately, there are those days where the weather doesn’t exactly go the way you want it to, rather than sitting around watching the rain drip down the windows here are a few suggestions of fun creative things to do inside. You could do some creative baking! Get your cooking essentials and an apron and make some delicious creative cupcakes! Here is the link to the recipe: (http://allrecipes.co.uk/recipe/587/easy-kids-cupcakes.aspx?o_is=Hub_TopRecipe_5)



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