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Tips for Creating Inspirational Classroom Displays

27 JAN 2020

Classroom displays are designed to help with everyday teaching and provide children with educational information, but designing an effective display that is both engaging and educational can be somewhat challenging; it's easy to overdo it.

That's why we've come up with some things to consider when designing your next classroom display:

Mobile Pinboard Display Screen Portrait


The location of your classroom display is just as important as the information you put on it. Walls are not the only location in a school classroom that are suitable for a display; there are other options available, including:

  • Classroom doors
  • Classroom windows
  • Storage cupboard doors
  • The front panel on the teacher’s desk
  • Mobile display on wheels (can be wheeled away when not in use)
  • Table top display (can be folded down when not in use)

The location needs to be easily visible so that it reaches its full potential. If it is an interactive display board, you need to make sure that it’s easy to get to and can be reached by all the children. 


When choosing the subject of your display board, there are a number of things you need to think about. It’s likely that your display will be up for the duration of the term, so it’s important you use the board to its full potential. 

Try to cover the entire topic that you are teaching; it’ll be a waste if the display board only covers a part of the module. Students should be able to look at it and know the key facts about what they're studying. 

Your display should also be clearly targeted and well thought out. You should consider age, content and colour to make sure it is visually stimulating.

In the early years foundation stage, it is particularly important to have interaction with the children. Some good display board topics are:

  1. Weather
  2. Seasons
  3. Class rules
  4. Numbers
  5. Letters
  6. Daily tasks
  7. Large display of class work
  8. Performance charts

Children who feel more engaged in their learning environment are known to be more receptive. 


Decorated classroom walls create a friendlier, brighter and more interesting environment - all of which are known to have an effect on children and their enthusiasm to learn.

You don’t want to overdo it, so don’t go plastering the walls, windows and doors in content. Doing so could mean that your classroom will be overstimulating, resulting in a negative effect on your class.

When thinking about what affects and influences learning, colour probably isn’t the first thing most people think of. Studies show that warm colours are more suited for use within classrooms as they are calm and relax people. Loud and overpowering colours can be distracting and have the adverse effect.

Different colours can impact mood, temperature, creativity, security and even hunger. For tips on using the right colours for your learning environment, read our ‘How Colour Affects Learning’ article.

Suitable Display Products

We offer a wide selection of noticeboards and display boards which come in a range of sizes and colours and are designed for different locations and various uses.

Flameshield Unframed Noticeboard

Our Flameshield Unframed Noticeboard is suitable for school corridors or classrooms. It is fully compliant to Fire Retardant Standard Class (0) so can be used in corridors, escape routes and unsupervised areas. Available in 6 sizes and 4 colours, the unframed noticeboards can be butted together to create one large noticeboard without frame joins. 

Flameshield Tamperproof Noticeboards

The Flameshield Tamperproof Noticeboard has a lockable door which is ideal for displaying information that you do not want tampering with. It's perfect for use in schools as it keeps important information out of reach and is available in 5 sizes and 4 colours.

Our Mobile Pinboard Display Screen is ideal for creating displays which do not need to be out all the time. It can be wheeled away to another classroom or to a storage cupboard.

Table Top School Display Boards are perfect for use in classrooms where space is limited. They can be placed on the desk and used as an interactive display board and then folded down into the carry bag and stored away when not in use. The unique recessed side of the school display board allows you to leave the information in place even when folded away. 

Our popular 6 Panel Folding School Display Board provides a large display area with the flexibility of being able to fold it away when it is not in use.

Complete with a carry bag, this large display board kit is ideal for use in school classrooms, school receptions and school halls for opens days or events. 

Aluminium Frame 6 Panel School Display Board

A larger and more modular display board system that is popular within schools is our 6 Panel and Pole School Presentation Boards.

It offers absolute flexibility and can be used as a 6-panel display board kit or scaled-down and used with just 1 panel. The modular display board kit comes with poles, bases and boards which can be used in either landscape or portrait configuration. 

If you need any advice or any assistance in choosing the right noticeboard or school display board for your display requirements, contact us or call us on 01733 511121.