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Improve Your Schools Lunchtime

Feb 03 2015
School Dining Table

Organise Your School Dining Hall

Lunchtime is a valuable part of the school day providing children with the opportunity to relax, recharge and socialise. It’s important that children return to the classroom feeling refreshed and eager to learn so teachers are able to promptly start their afternoon lessons.

A busy and noisy dining room can be stressful which in turn may have a negative impact on children’s happiness and affect their behaviour in the afternoon. In fact children are more likely to arrive back in class feeling unhappy, uneasy and tense, making it difficult for them to concentrate.

A well organised dining room all helps towards a more relaxed social situation for children.

School dining rooms are mostly large, open plan spaces that can become extremely noisy during busy lunch times. A problem that can be exacerbated by high ambient noise levels and reflective surfaces that reverberate noise around the room. 

The dining experience in schools is evolving, especially since we saw the introduction of free school meals to all Key Stage 1 children in 2014. Now more pupils are eating school meals you will find the school dining experience is a lot busier and noisier. With this in mind there is a greater need for organising and maximising the space available to you.

Our mobile folding school dining tables are a great way of changing your hectic chaotic lunch hour into a reasonably calm, more social dining experience.

10 reasons why our mobile dining furniture rates number one:

  1. Space saving - fold up for easy storage
  2. Fitted with easy lock wheels – making them easy to manoeuvre
  3. Seats are attached – no need to worry about matching tables with the right chairs
  4. Noise reduction – say goodbye to screeching chair legs across the hall floors
  5. Makes cleaning easier – fewer table and chair legs to contend with
  6. Colour – available in a variety of table top and seat colours
  7. Shape – available as circular, rectangular or octagonal
  8. Table Height – two heights reaching a wider age range
  9. Seating options – available as either benches or singular seats seating 8, 12 and 16
  10. Easy clean surfaces – making it quick to clean, fold and pack away

With so much choice you are able to design your dining area to suit its size, shape and pupil capacity.

For something a little different we offer a smart table top mobile dining table which has a colourful, educational table top theme – a fun way to engage children during lunchtime. Choose from endangered animals, world map or modern history.

All our space saving folding school tables are designed for easy use and are perfect for all school dining halls. If you need help choosing the right school dining furniture for your school, please contact us or call us on 01733 511121.