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Improve Your School Dining Area

Aug 06 2018

Improving Your School Dining Area

Lunchtime is always a busy time of the day in any school. With a limited time to set up, feed everyone and clear up, lunchtimes need to be well organised and planned.

A noisy and stressful dining experience can have a negative impact on children which can affect their behaviour in afternoon lessons. Ensuring lunchtimes are more relaxed will make a social and fun experience for children and this could also lead to an increase in take up of school dinners.

When planning lunchtimes there are many things to consider such as the size of your dining area, number of children you need to seat and any storage space required. You need to think about the flow of the room and how the space needs to work. Consider the whole dining experience – where children queue to get their dinner, where the serving area is, where children go once they have their food, what happens when they have finished and how things are cleared away. You also need to remember the children who bring in packed lunches and where they will sit and how they fit in.

The look and feel of the dining area is important. It needs to be stylish, comfortable and inviting so that children want to sit and eat in these areas. School dining tables and chairs are available in a wide range of colours so you can use the furniture to help create this environment. Our dining tables are available in a range of heights to suit different age groups so you can choose tables which are most appropriate for your school to ensure they are comfortable for the children.

In many schools the dining hall is a multi-use area so converting this space ready for lunchtime needs to be quick and easy. It is important to maximise capacity but minimise storage needs and set-up time. If it takes a long time for staff to set up and clear the dining area this impacts on staff time, and therefore costs, and on the use of the area for other things. If dining furniture is being moved on a daily basis then, for the health and safety of your staff, it needs to be easy to move with heavy lifting limited. 

Our mobile folding dining tables are perfect for multi-use dining areas. They are functional, easy to use and space efficient. The rectangular mobile folding table has fixed seats – choose 8, 12 or 16. The table folds in the middle and is on wheels so can be moved easily for storage – no heavy lifting required. As the tables are mobile they are easy to clean under. Table tops are laminated on both sides and have an ultra-tough rubber edging making them waterproof and easy to clean.

We also offer an octagonal folding table and round mobile table, both with 8 seats. If you prefer to have benches for seating children then choose the rectangular mobile folding bench. This features benches on both sides instead of stools and has the same benefits as our other folding table units.