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How to Get the Most out of Your Garden Space

21 MAY 2018

We have previously spoken in depth about the benefits gardening can have on young children, but it can be hard to get children involved outside when you don’t have the biggest amount of space.

We have come up with several tips and tricks to help you maximise your garden and help your children benefit from the educational gain that comes with it.

Attract wildlife

Wildlife can teach children so much about life processes and how much of an impact humans can have on the environment. There are so many creatures that reside in garden areas, and by putting in a little bit of extra effort, you can harness the potential of your garden whilst helping out the animals too. Birdfeeders, log piles and fresh water will attract all kinds of animals to your outdoor space. A good idea is to get your child to create a checklist and whenever they see an animal in the garden, they can tick it off their list.


Humans produce so much waste, and we have a tendency to throw things out when they break. Larger items such as chairs, drawers and shelves can be easily upcycled. Get your little one to help you paint broken pieces of furniture and transform them into quirky yet functional planters.

Tiered planters

If you don’t have quite enough space to accommodate large planters, tiered or vertical planters are a stylish alternative. They are designed to take up less room and look fabulous against a wall or in a corner.

Colour and texture

Small gardens can sometimes be dark and uninviting, but simply adding pops of bold colour here and there can change how a garden looks instantly. Small potted plants are relatively cheap and can look great when placed properly. Get your child to pick out one plant for every colour of the rainbow and watch your outdoor space transform.


One of the things children love the most is to get dirty, so why not combine that passion with helping to reduce waste. Create a compost tray or purchase a compost bin and get your child to help you fill it with things such as vegetable peel. When it’s ready, take it out to the garden and watch as it helps plant life thrive.


Add some character to your garden by making a scarecrow. Not only will this help protect your plants – especially if you have a vegetable patch – making it will be a fun activity that fully engages little ones and encourages them to use their creative skills.

If you decide to try any of these ideas or have tips of your own for making the most out of your garden space, get in touch with us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram. We would love to see and share your photos and inspire others get to their children outside and enjoying the great outdoors.

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