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How to Build a Bottle Bird Feeder

10 JUN 2019

What better way to spend time with your little ones than getting outdoors and teaching them about nature? Not only does this show them how to appreciate the garden, but it’s also an educational opportunity. Building a bottle bird feeder is the perfect DIY activity to get children outside having fun in the warmer summer months.

Taking an interest in nature can be a learning experience for children as they learn about animals, plants, weather, and even skills such as maths. Doing different fun tasks such as homemade crafts allows for creativity, while also providing an outlet for children to be active outside. Waiting for different bird species to fly to their bird feeder will also help teach them patience.

The great thing about DIY crafts is that you can find all the materials at home! All you will need is a plastic water bottle, scissors, pencils, wire or string, and bird feed. And remember to make sure you’re supervising your child at all times while making the bird feeder.

We've teamed up with Sainsbury’s Bank to create this step-by-step guide on making a homemade bottle bird feeder which you can check out below: 

ELF Build a Bird Feeder

For more information visit https://www.sainsburysbank.co.uk/money-matters/build-a-bird-feeder