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How to Transform Your School Dining Hall

02 MAR 2020

A school dining hall is where students and teachers go to not only eat; but to socialise and relax, too.

Being used so frequently by a wide range of people, it’s important that your school dining room is bright, airy and inviting.

Upgrading your school dining furniture can instantly give your canteen a fresh look, and it’s not as expensive as you’d think.

Here at ELF, we are experts in educational furniture and we know that many schools don’t have a designated lunchroom, which is why we have engineered our dining furniture range to include a comprehensive choice of folding tables.

Our Rectangular Mobile Folding Table Seating Unit is our bestselling school dining table. It comes with a choice of eight, 12 or 16 seats.

The eight-seater and 12-seater come in two heights each, making them suitable for both primary school and secondary school pupils. The 16-seater comes in one height and is suited towards primary school children.

As well as a choice of sizes, the rectangular folding school dining table also offers you a choice of 10 seat colours and three tabletop colours.

We recommend this table to schools who use their dining hall for other things as the table has three safety locking positions which allow it to be folded and wheeled away easily.

The stow-away locking position is the ideal position for when you need to store the table away when the dining hall is being used for other things. This means the table is fully folded for storage.

The open safety locking position is designed to prevent the table reverting back to the folding position. This position is used when you are transporting the table between locations. You should use this position instead of the secure locking position as it will prevent the table from tipping over when in transport. The locking castor wheels ensure that the table cannot be moved when it is in use. 

The easy clean locking position partially folds the table just enough to allow easy access underneath for cleaning. 

This large dining table eliminates the loud screech of noisy chair legs and helps to save space. 

It is fully FIRA certified and so is perfect for helping to rejuvenate your school dining area.

The Tilt Top School Dining Table range is a more budget-friendly choice. These tables are extremely popular because they come in a choice of four heights; making them ideal for mixed aged schools where younger children eat at the same time as older children.

Tilt Top tables come in either a square, circular, oval or octagonal shape. You can also choose from 10 tabletop colours. 

The table top folds up flat and the four locking castors allow for easy transport between rooms. 

If you are looking for a more permanent solution and don’t need a folding dining table, the Enviro Dining Bench is a great option.

It is extremely cost-effective and is popular among larger schools and colleges.

The choice of six heights makes it ideal for all age groups.

The seating benches are available separately and easily slide under the table for tidy storage at the end of the day.

Once you have your table sorted, your dining hall should instantly look like it’s been given a new lease of life.

All of our tables are accredited with the relevant safety certificates so you can rest assured that they are safe, comfortable and non-hazardous.

If none of the tables mentioned above are suitable for your school dining hall, get in touch with a member of our sales team on 01733 511121 to learn about our other options and what else we can offer you.